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¡This is one of the days the Lord has made!
Parameshvar praem haai. - Hindi
God is Love in Hindi.
Daivam senham tanne. God is Love in Malayalam.
Yes--God is Love!
Many people in the world are MISSING.
Other people are trying to help.

For Haiti, the search involves cell phones, neighbours, ex-pat communities, word of mouth, agencies, such as the RED CROSS and the media.
Here is a CBC photo gallery of those missing. The photos are posted by those who know them. There should be an easy way to identity those who have been found, so there is no time wasted!
CBC - photo gallery of missing people

The MISSING search will include DNA matching, identification by photos and personal effects, the testimony of witnesses.

Read this free e-book now!

It's about communicable diseases, particularly AVIAN FLU.
The title: Frequent Illnesses and the Power of God.
Click to go to the book website. Pray. Help Edit. Link to e-book.

It's May 2006. Please pray for key people in the world, particularly Africa, to have access to this book. Recently there was a case of avian flu in a little girl in Djibouti, a country in the Horn of Africa, near the Red Sea!
The book started with information of "Our Health" of this webpage menubar. GG is working to publish the detailed book about communicable diseases and the Power of God in May or June 2006 in book form.
Now to this webpage. It has something for almost everyone!
Please join in prayer to our Heavenly Father re: what you read. Join your prayer to ours.
When you pray for others in various day-to-day and odd situations,
you may find that without knowing it you have prayed for yourself.

Ignore the "other" language words in the stories, unless the Holy Spirit puts fire into you that is quenched when you read those words. Rejoice with us that a start has been made to add Chinese and Farsi writing. If a language font does not show properly and you wish to receive a print-out, e-mail the webmaster.
Deutsch/German Français/French

Pray for those MISSING everywhere.
Not just for children and not only on
International Missing Children's Day, which is every May 25.
May the Holy Spirit groan with us. ~Rom. 8:26

Remember that a King was MISSING to the magi. They searched for Him not knowing if the search would take them to the "ends of the earth". We know they did find HIM. They had not been altogether wise in their search, because they discussed what they knew in the wrong places. And God was with them. God helped them understand "enough" when they did not understand all the circumstances of this Newborn King. Angels had helped the shepherds. Angels helped the magi go back "another route" to their destination. God was in charge of their future and the future of their stories that have been entrusted to us.

All "missing" situations need prayer! Maybe you don't think you know anyone missing! But when you are alone, everyone is "missing" to you! On the other hand, there are some missing in truly horrible circumstances!

When we are alone too, we can imagine a loved one going missing...a child, an elderly parent, a spouse...and be troubled.
One webpage asks:
Have you ever wondered what your life would be like - if your child were missing?

Well, pray about these feelings. When they are God-given they serve to protect all of us in various ways. Perhaps we are prompted to safe a potentially dangerous situation. Let us live life according to God's plan and let us not live in unwarranted fear.

We are all aware of missing people, including those missing in disasters or war, because of the media.
Let's be encouraged and learn together with "extended" Bible stories and information.

Lord Jesus Christ Messiah, we put those hurt and those missing along with their families and friends re: the London subway bombings before you. We mourn about this.
We pray for all those affected by other such situations, even though long in the past before you. Amen

May 2006 news:
Rejoice that the webmaster, GG, will meet Bille tomorrow. She met her in July 2005. GG had found her best friend from childhood after 42 years and finally met her after a week and a half of searching on getting a good lead. Finding was complicated by a name change due to marriage, the fact that GG moved to another country, and that her friend' parents changed their address about 38 years ago. An investigation at the old address had yielded nothing, even though her father was a professional. An Internet search with the name as search words a few years back yielded nothing too. What happened then? GG remembered which village her friend visited family now and then. On a chance visit in that village, there were street signs with her maiden name. A few questions in a key store yielded the address of an aunt. Contact information was left and the friend phoned within the hour! Turns out she now lives within 15 minutes of her former address. She also chose the same profession as her friend. Searching the Internet GG can find what her friend has published. She can also find information on her brother who happens to live in the same city as GG. Of course, we have met. How the world is small! How distances and language should be no barrier today! GG gave Bille something from her childhood (updated) for her friend's collection, which now has a place of honour in the living room. We are both happy about that.

Pray that all POW and MIA from all conflicts and sides will find the "right" words to say. God loves people from all nations and tribes!
Pray about all the social and legal wordings God gives.

Remember Jesus was "missing" at all ages -
at birth for Herod,

at age 12 for his parents,

for those seeking healing or
those persecuting him.
Pray for "truthful witnesses" to come forward since:
A truthful witness saves lives!!! Proverbs 14:25
This part of a 2-part verse in various languages is:
Sachch?gawáh ján bachánewál?hai. - Urdu, Western Script
Het woord van een betrouwbaar getuige kan iemand het leven redden. - Dutch
Un testimone sincero pu?essere una salvezza. - Italian
Un témoin fidèle peut sauver des vies. - French
Ein zuverlässiger Zeuge rettet Menschenleben. - German
El testigo verídico salva vidas. - Spanish
A testemunha que diz a verdade pode salvar vidas. - Portuguese
L?you témouin di lavérit? li sov?lavi inonsan. - Haitian
Верный свидетель спасает души - Russian
Ang tapat na saksi ay nagliligtas ng buhay - Tagalog
Olõtọ ẹlẹri gb?ọkàn silẹ. - Yoruba
Ο ὰληθὴς μάρτυς ὲλευθερόνει ψυχάς. - Modern Greek

The witnesses to any miracle say words like this to each other:
"We have seen marvelous things today."

Reasons for missing people are many...moving away with your family is one. Maybe teenagers are away or are runaways. Often to complete a search is no longer than remembering a phone number.

Never underestimate the power of prayer! Many people pray and call on the most holy name of Jesus Christ for someone missing and all those that are affected. Use your own words and let the Holy Spirit pray with you. Please pray the prayer calendar entries!
Lord Jesus, help us all to sort out any calamities. Some problems are far too great for us to handle even in larger groups. Send us the Holy Spirit to groan with us, as words may fail. Amen
Let us thank God for giving us this day too. We are alive to do our part! We are able to choose what to do within it. Let us believe the reassurance of Jesus himself when he said about real and potential dangers:
"When you hear of _______(horrible circumstances), do not be alarmed (plural you)."
Mark 13:7; Luke 21:9
Cuando oigan hablar de ______, no se asusten. - Spanish
Quando sentirete parlare di _______, non abbiate paura! - Italian
May God bless you and keep you safely as you go your way.
God does love you!
God's Word has answers. Look there with care.

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