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The Quiz: About the Directquote Website

    1.) What is part of the "Bastard" story?
           You are not going to get an inheritance in our family!
           Why do you come to me now?
           Didn't you hate me?
           All of the above

    2.) Who said "Go and make a careful search for the child" in the Bible?
           Mary and Joseph in Luke
           Herod in Matthew
           Joseph's father when a bloody coat of many colours but no body was shown him?
           Hannah, looking for Samuel

    3.) What is the best recommended wording from "True Love Valentine" ?
           Io ti amo. - Italian
           Stay here.
           I want to give you a gift.
           You know that I love you.

    4.) Who said the following?
    "This is nothing but sorrow of heart."

    Irgend etwas macht dir das Herz schwer.
    (Something or other is burdening your heart.) - German
    Ce ne peut ŕtre qu'un chagrin de cťur. - French
    Non pu˛ esser altro che un'afflizione del cuore.
    (It couldn't be anything but an affiction of the heart.)- Italian
    Det kan ikke vŠre annet enn hjertesorg. - Norwegian
    Nie, lecz masz jakieś zmartwienie? (a rhetorical question)- Polish
    No es esto sino quebranto de corazˇn. - Spanish

           Artaxerxes, the king
           Job's wife

    5.) What does Bůh mean in Czech from John 3:16?

    6.) Who was posted as missing, but it was an urban legend?
           Fred Fronier
           Sharbat Gula
           Kelsey Jones
           Amy Bradley

    7.) Who was not a victim of some abuse?
           71 kings

    8.) What happened to the slaves of Pharaoh's officials in a hailstorm?
           They were all brought inside.
           It depended if the officials feared the Word of the Lord.
           Those who listened to Pharaoh saved their slaves.
           They were all left outside in the fields.

    9.) What accord/law governs international missing children's cases for most countries, especially those taken by family members?
           There is no law or international agreement.
           The Hague Convention
           The Red Cross, Red Crescent Society Mandates
           Diplomatic Agreements

    10.) What is the last book listed in the "Helpful Books" of the menu re: missing people?
           I Figli di Plaza de Mayo by Italo Moretti
           The Face on the Milk Carton
           Say I do
           The Bible