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Please pray for key people in the world, particularly in Africa, to have access to this book. GG is using her talents to update the book regarding current health issues as the Holy Spirit prompts.

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Let's pray and expect that God will complete His plan re: all this health information for His glory. (October 2007)
Let's pray Today's Health Prayer! Add yours.

We can pray about communicable diseases too.
We are being warned about 'bird flu'.
So let's get prepared with 'bird' words.

Since influenza or flu is not in the Bible, we can probably write:
'illness/sickness of birds' instead of bird flu
and we should be understood.

an illness of birds of Asia
Galatians 4:13 Ecclesiates 12:4 Acts 20:18; Revelations 1:4 +
French - une maladie/une infirmité des oiseaux/(de l'oiseau) en Asie/d'Asie
Spanish - una enfermedad de las aves/(del ave) de Asia

birds of the air Genesis 2:20
French - les oiseaux du ciel
Spanish - las aves del cielo
birds...of the field - Genesis 2:20
French - les oiseaux ...des champs
Spanish - las aves ... del campo
birds ...that move on the ground Genesis 1:30
French - les oiseaux ... qui se déplace/meut sur la terre
Spanish - las aves ... que se arrastran por la tierra
birds ... of the sea
French - les oiseaux ... de la mer
Spanish - las aves ... del mar
caged birds adapted inverted wording of Jeremiah 5:27
French - oiseaux de cages
Spanish - pájaros de jaulas
the mountain birds of prey Isaiah 18:6
a speckled bird of prey Jeremiah 12:9
other birds of prey Jeremiah 12:9
all kinds of carrion birds Ezekiel 39:4

every winged bird Genesis 1:21
French - tout oiseau ailé
Spanish - toda ave alada

flying birds Psalms 148:10

All kinds of * animals ... *birds ... have been tamed by man. James 3:7 (* can add "wild" from "wild animals")

Migratory Birds:
birds...traveling from place to place Exodus 17:1
to the north and to the south Genesis 28:14

There are other bird habitats:
coastline - (Joshua)
coastlands - (Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel references)
beach - (Acts 21 and 27 - 1 ref to sandy beach)
swampland - Isaiah 14:23
swamps and marshes - Ezekiel 47:11
mountain crags - Song of Songs

There are words of the bird life cycle:
egg clutch
nest locations:
trees, reeds, etc.
mother hen, rooster
The birds feed on them all summer. Jeremiah 12:9
wind, soar,
birds of the air...flocking Hosea 7:12
Birds of prey surround and attack. Jeremiah 12:9

There are bird names: owl, eagle, tern etc.
the ravens...they have no storeroom or barn. Luke 12:24

A good book on the birds of the Bible can be found I'm sure by you.

according to its kind Genesis 1:21
French - selon son espèce
Spanish - según su género

One strong measure against bird flu would be to wipe out the diseased population in a small area. But do all the various bird kinds carry the disease during an outbreak? Surely we wouldn't want to cull unnecessarily.
I will wipe x___ from y____.
French - J'exterminerai (du/de la/de l') y_____ (le/la/l')x____.
Spanish - Voy a borrar de (la) y____ a x____.

Quarantine (set apart) and culling:
____ will be set apart for destruction. Deuteronomy 7:26
____ is set apart for destruction. Deuteronomy 7:26

Pray about personal and financial losses of all poultry and bird people.
Pray that identification and recognition of the various kinds of bird flu will save us from being overzealous with minor bird flus.
Vaccinations for birds are better, if they work.
At least 1 healthy pair of a threatened kind of bird would increase the odds that that kind would not become extinct.

A new Noah's Ark for Birds?
(two of/one pair of) every kind of bird Genesis 6:20
French - (une paire de/deux de) chaque espèce des oiseaux
Spanish - (dos de/una pareja de) cada especie de aves

Prevention or Prophylaxis:

Haven't found the Bible wordings for vaccination. There are vaccinations for birds, people and perhaps for other animals.
A gesture would explain this using your hand to squirt imaginary serum into an upper arm or into any other vaccination site.

Cooking well kills the flu virus.

Using Tamiflu
- there is medicine that can be given with Tamiflu that gives more effectiveness for a given dosage.
- Less dosage of flu shot is needed for injection just under the skin as is needed injecting into muscle tissue

I found this sentence in the Bible.
Take the live bird and dip it Leviticus 14:6
The question arises: "What would the dipping bird medicine against bird flu be?"

Spread of Bird Flu seems to be related to
1) bird excrement Deuteronomy 23:13
Cover up bird excrement. (substituting "bird" for "your".
Is covering up enough?
Must a chemical be added or must it be burned?
2) sick bird carcasses.
_____ must not eat any... bird found dead. Ezekiel 44:31

2) a) close living quarters of humans and birds
b) poultry living directly over water
c) birds living too closely together
too _____ to remain together Genesis 36:7
(add dangerous)
a people who live apart Numbers 23:9 (add "from birds")
the bird that was killed over the fresh water Leviticus 14:6
barns ... filled to overflowing Proverbs 3:10

Maybe we have to keep birds away from certain places, like they do at airports with noises.
Call out to every kind of bird Ezekiel 39:17
Source carriers and potential new ones of communicable diseases can speak any language of the world and may speak only one language! How can you communicate and WARN, especially without "close" disease spreading contact?

You could always draw and gesticulate. But--
the Bible has some ingenious tools--wordings.

For key words or sentences that could be used in health situations, you will find 5 or 6 featured equivalents in common "Western" languages. With the Holy Spirit's help, Bible translators have endeavoured to find the best OT Bible wordings in about 400 and NT wordings in over 2000 languages.

Among this melee of Bible words are those you may need to communicate everyday explanations and instructions in languages not even featured here. Remember that Bibles come divided in books, chapters, verses and verse sections. The languages featured are examples of the many others that can be pondered with the help of the Holy Spirit.
Examples of Multilingual health wordings and instructions are
featured below.
Immediately below are Shortcut Links to the wordings.
You can ponder them prayerfully. References are given, in case you need to find similar ones not given here. You may need to scroll up and down for other relevant info.
For extra questions, use the e-mail button on the menu bar.

I always thank God for... Dr. Carlo Urbani, Dr. Yanga, health care workers, Bibles in many languages, dictionaries, human intellect and the breath of the Holy Spirit.

Some wit said that the shortest story basically is:
He was born. Later he died.

All other stories basically fill in the time in between.

Let's pray about improving the following scenario ending in disease.
It is often found on quickly written papers that we write to inform others, such as letters to friends, as well as birth, hospital or death certificates.
_____ was born. - English
(Acts 7:20 (male) Numbers 26:59 (female))
_____ lindi. - Albanian
_____ naquit. - French
_____ wurde geboren. - German
_____ nacque. - Italian
_____ natus est. - Latin
_____ nasceu. - Portuguese
_____ nació. - Spanish

- Some time later ______became ill.
    He grew worse and worse, and finally stopped breathing.
  Then he died.

Let's have good eulogies, even if it's:
"written briefly" - Hebrews 13:22
quelques mots--écrit brièvement - French
kurz geschrieben - German
scritto brevemente - Italian
pocas palabras--escrito brevemente - Spanish

such as:
He was called God's friend. James 2: 23
Il fut appelé ami de Dieu. - French
Er wurde Freund Gottes genannt. - German
Fu chiamato amico di Dio. - Italian
Fue llamado amigo de Dios. - Spanish

Let's LIVE life fully all our alloted time.
Let's never say in a sorry way because of life style issues:
"My life is cut short." "My days are cut short." - Job 17:1
Mes jours s'éteignent. - French
Meine Tage sind abgekürzt. - German
Miei giorni si spengono. - Italian
Mis días se acortan. - Spanish
* * * * * *
When someone has symptoms:
weakness? fever of 38 Celcius? headache? muscle aches?
other symptoms?
Direct the person to good preventative health care instructions and say:
Do this and YOU WILL LIVE!
* * * * * *
Hygiene wordings:
- drops of water    -saliva   - drops of saliva
- My breath is offensive.  - You blew with your breath.
- I am weak. I am strong.
- ________(was) sick in bed,
   suffering from fever and dysentery

- Go/Get_up and measure the _____.
- Measure fever.  - fever measuring rod  - thermometer  - 38
- The fever--will rise higher and higher--above--38 Celcius.
- painful head
- Cover your face.  
- my lips; my mouth  your mouth; your tongue   his nostrils; his mouth   our mouths; our tongues   
- They all will cover their ____.
- Wash your hands.
- They don't wask their hands.
- Who is weak?
- chest  - chest image  - heat image  - throat  - X-ray
- Stay at home.   or   - Stay here.  - Do not go out!
- Tell ______(name) not to come whenever he chooses into _____(place)...or else he may/might/will die.
- Come back in _____ days.
Do not go out!

A multilingual tribute:
Let us thank God for the life of Dr. Carlo Urbani,
the doctor who alerted the world community to SARS.

I always thank God for...Dr. Carlo Urbani.
Adapted from 1 Corinthians 1:4
French - Je rends toujours grâces à mon Dieu pour...le docteur Carlo Urbani.
German - Immer wieder danke ich Gott für...den Doktor Carlo Urbani.
Italian - Ringrazio continuamente il mio Dio dottore Carlo Urbani.
Spanish - Gracias doy a mi Dios siempre por...el Dr. Carlo Urbani.
Dutch - Ik dank God telkens weer voor...Dr. Carlo Urbani.
Some time later Dr. Carlo Urbani became ill. He grew worse and worse, and finally stopped breathing.
(Adapted from 1 Kings 17:17)
French - Après ces choses, le docteur Carlo Urbani, devint malade, et sa maladie fut si violente qu'il ne resta plus en lui de respiration.
German - Und es geschah nach diesen Ereignissen, da wurde Dr. Carlo Urbani krank. Und seine Krankheit wurde sehr heftig, so daß er nicht mehr atmete.
Italian - In seguito il dottore Carlo Urbani si ammalò. La sua malattia era molto grave, tanto che rimase senza respiro.
Spanish - Después de estas cosas aconteció que cayó enfermo el Dr. Carlo Urbani; y la enfermedad fue tan grave que no quedó en él aliento.
Then he died Source: Genesis 5:5
Puis il mourut. - French
Dann starb er. - German
Poi morì. - Italian
Y murió. - Spanish
Toen stierf hij. - Dutch

Please pray to God re: SARS that infection control will work. Remember carriers, the healthcare workers, etc. Pray for eradication of SARS. Ask the Great Healer to keep those who still have SARS in his special care--172 worldwide as of July 11, 2003. Each one has a name and family.

Thank God for those who have recovered. (About half worldwide as of April 17, 2003; 9/10 worldwide as of July 2003) Thank God for those who take quarantines seriously. etc.

Let us pray regarding quarantines versus unnecessary and unkind "ostracizing" re: infectious diseases where this is not necessary. Hansen's disease (leprosy) etc.

SARS - Center for Disease Control
Each carrier now identifies the disease at some point and can warn others.

Droplets are spread through the air.

drops of water Direct quote source: Job 36:27
les gouttes d'eau - French
die Wassertropfen - German
le gocce dell'acqua - Italian
las gotas de las aguas - Spanish
de waterdruppels - Dutch

"Spit" is in the Bible--but it is often used in the negative spitting for insult. Saliva does not have this insult baggage.

saliva source: John 9:6
salive - French
Spucke/Speichel - German
la saliva - Italian
la saliva - Spanish
speeksel - Dutch

If we take out "water" and insert "saliva" in the above wording, we get words that are more useful in the case of SARS:
drops of saliva
les gouttes de salive - French
die Spucketropfen/die Speicheltropfen - German
le gocce della saliva - Italian
las gotas de saliva - Spanish
de speekseldruppels - Dutch

A carrier can say:

My breath is offensive. source: Job 19:17
Mon haleine répugne. - French
Mein Atem ist widerlich. - German
Il mio fiato è ripugnante. - Italian
Mi aliento es odioso. - Spanish

Each carrier now probably receives SARS from someone and can warn others to inform them with the help of Public Health Care Workers.

You blew with your breath. source: Exodus 15:10
Tu as soufflé de ton haleine. - French
Dein Atem blies. - German (passive voice)
Du ließest deinen Atem blasen. - German (active voice)
Soffiasti con il tuo alito. - Italian
Soplaste con tu viento. - Spanish
U blies met Uw adem. - Dutch

Depending on the time of exposure each person can state:
I am weak. or I am strong.
Source: 2 Corinthians 12:10
Je suis faible. Je suis fort. - French
Ich bin schwach. Ich bin stark. - German
Sono debole. Sono forte. - Italian
Soy débil. Soy fuerte. - Spanish
Ik been zwak. Ik ben sterk. - Dutch

If you know how to add the ideas of "very" and/or "a little", then you have even more ways of distinguishing how people feel.
I am very weak.
I am weak.
I am a little weak.
I am a little strong.
I am strong.
I am very strong.

The words fever and dysentery are in the Bible--the second one is severe diarrhea.

________(was) sick in bed, suffering from fever and dysentery. source: Acts 28:8
_______ (était) au lit, malade de la fièvre et de la dysenterie. - French
_______(bekam) Fieber, lag (im Bett), und erkrankte an (Durchfall/der Ruhr). - German
________ dovette mettersi a letto colpito da febbri e da dissenteria. - Italian
_______(estaba) en cama, enfermo con fiebre y disentería.- Spanish
_______lag met koorts en dysenterie in bed.

The command to measure things is in the Bible many times.

Go/Get_up and measure the _____.
NT Source: Revelations 11:1
Va/Lève-toi et mesure le _____. - French
Geh/Steh_auf und miß den _____. - German
?/Alzati e misura il _____. - Italian
?/Levántate, y mide el ____. - Spanish
?/Sta op, meet de ______. - Dutch

Combining: Measure and Fever you can write an approximate command of Measure fever! The wording can be improved by someone who knows the language well:

Measure fever.
Mesure la fièvre. - French
Miß (das) Fieber. - German (not "den")
Misura febbri. - Italian
Mide fiebre. - Spanish
Meet koorts. - Dutch

A thermometer can be approximated by the Bible based "fever + measuring rod".

Fever Measuring Rod
verge/baguette de la fièvre - French
Fieber Meßstab - German
una verga da febbri - Italian
una caña de fiebre - Spanish
een riet: koorts - Dutch

Thermometer is a modern word can be looked up in dictionaries. (See the dictionary info that follows later on this page for helpful hints.)
The online dictionaries for thermometer yield:

a/the thermometer - English
un/le thermomètre - French
ein/das Thermometer - German
un/il termòmetro - Italian
uno/el termómetro - Spanish
thermometer, warmtemeter - Dutch
termómetró - Tagalog
sıcakölçer - Turkish

SARS shows itself with a fever of 38 degrees Celcius or over.
thirty-eight = 38 Source: Deuteronomy 2:14
trente-huit - French
achtunddreißig - German
trentotto - Italian
treinta y ocho - Spanish
otte og tredive - Danish
åtte og tretti - Norwegian
trettioåtta - Swedish
tatlumpu't walo(ng?) - Tagalog
tallopulo ket walo - Ilokano
trzydzieści osiem - Polish
siddeed iyo soddon - Somali
thelathini na minane - Swahili
trantouit - Haitian

Fever + wordings from Deuteronomy 28:43 + the name Celcius:

The fever--will rise higher and higher--above--38 Celcius.
La fièvre--s'élèvera (plus) au-dessus de 38 Celcius. - French
Das Fieber--wird emporsteigen über--38 Celcius--höher und höher
>>>Das Fieber wird höher und höher über 38 Celcius emporsteigen. - German
Febbri--si eleverà sempre piú in alto sopra di 38 Celcius. - Italian
La fiebre se elevará sobre--38 Celcius--muy alto. - Spanish
Headache is a symptom of SARS. That word is not in the Bible.
"Painful" and "head" happen to be in the same verse, but not side by side. Let's choose the words wisely.

painful head Sources: Deut. 28:35; Job 2:7
la tête douloureuse - French
____ Kopf - German (none of the "painful" adjectives found were good in this case-- "schmerzhafter Kopf" and "Kopfschmerzen" are the best translation)
capo maligna(?) - Italian
la cabeza dolorosa - Spanish

Instructions for health include general wordings useful for spiritual, mind and body health.
Do this and you will live
Source: Luke 10:28 in quotes
Čini tako pa ćeš živjeti. - Croatian
Gør dette, så skal du leve. - Danish
Doe dat en u zult leven. - Dutch
Fais cela, et tu vivras. - French
Tu dies, und du wirst leben. - German
Si ou fè sa, wa gen lavi. - Haitian
Me nka, i gādi kwa ndu. - I(g)bo
Fà questo e vivrai. - Italian
Gjør det, så skal du leve! - Norwegian
To czyń, a będziesz żył. - Polish
Faça isso, e viverá. - Portuguese
Делай так, и ты будешь жить. - Russian
Sidaas yeel oo waad noolaan doontaa. - Somali
Haz eso/esto y vivirás. - Spanish
Fanya hivi nawe utaishi. - Swahili
Gör det så ska du få leva! - Swedish
Gawin mo ito at ikaw ay mabubuhay. - Tagalog

1st instructions for SARS prevention are:
Cover...your face! Source: Ezekiel 12:6
Tu te couvriras...le visage. (You will cover your face.) - French
Verhülle...dein Gesicht. (Envelop your face.) - German
Ti faccia. - Italian
Cubrirás...tu rostro. - Spanish
Bedek...uw gezicht. - Dutch

You could substitue the word "face" for the words mouth, eyes, openings depending on what words you needed. Some of those words are in the Bible.

What's the difference? Lips, tongue? Well, in the following sources the same original word is translated into now one, now the other. Check the meaning, if you need to be specific.

my lips/tongue; my mouth/palate Source: up to 2 words in Job 6:30
ma langue (tongue); ma bouche; mon palais (palate) - French
meine(r) Zunge (tongue); mein Mund; mein Gaumen (palate) - German
mia lingua (tongue); mio palato (palate) - Italian
mi lengua (tongue); mi paladar (palate) - Spanish
mijn mond (mouth) - Dutch

>>>Cover my mouth.
Tu (me) couvriras ma bouche. - French

your mouth; your lips/tongue Source: Proverbs 50:19
ta bouche; ta langue (tongue) - French
dein(en) Mund; deine Zunge (tongue); deine Lippen (lips) - German
tua bocca; (la) tua lingua (tongue) - Italian
Tu boca; tu lengua (tongue) - Spanish
uw mond (mouth) - Dutch

>>>Cover your mouth.
Tu te couvriras ta bouche. - French

his nostrils/nose; his mouth 2 Samuel 22:9
ses narines (nostrils); sa bouche - French
seine(r) Nase (nose); sein(em) Mund - German
sue narici (nostrils); sua bocca - Italian
su nariz (his nostril); sus narices(his nostrils); su boca - Spanish
zijn neus; zijn mond - Dutch

>>>Cover his mouth.
Tu (lui) couvriras sa bouche. - French

our mouths; our tongues Source: Psalm 126:2
(some describe only what mouths and tongues do in the verse and do not name them.)
notre bouche; notre langue (sing.) - French >>>nos bouches; nos langues (pl.)
unser Mund; unsere Zunge (sing.) - German >>> unsere Münder; unsere Zungen (pl.)
(la) nostra bocca; (la) nostra lingua (sing.) - Italian (pl. - ?)
nuestra boca; nuestra lengua (sing.) - Spanish (pl. - ?)

your(pl.) mouths (pl.) Ephesians 4:29
vos bouches/ lèvres (lips) (pl.) - French
- for other languages the mouths are often singular mouth because of the meaning surrounding each mouth.

their mouths; their tongues Souce:
leur bouche; leur langue - French
ihren Mund; ihre Zunge - German
la loro bocca; la loro lingua - Italian

They will all cover their _____/(faces, beards). source: Micah 3:7
Ihr könnt euer ______/(Gesicht/~en Bart) verhüllen. (You can envelop your faces.) - German
Ils se couvriront ______(le visage/la barbe). - French
Si copriranno tutti ______(il labbro/la barba). - Italian
Ellos todos cerrarán _____(sus labios/?) - Spanish

(All of you) wash your hands Source: James 4:8
Nettoyez vos mains. - French
Säubert die Hände. - German
Lavate le vostre mani. - Italian
¡Límpiense las manos! - Spanish
Was uw handen. - Dutch

You'll know how to instruct with the previous words, if someone complains:
They don't wash their hands (before they eat)! Matthew 15:2
Ils ne se lavent pas les mains (avant leur repas)! - French
Sie waschen ihre Hände nicht, (vor dem Essen) - German.
Non si lavano le mani, prima di mangiare. - Italian
No se lavan las manos cuando comen. - Spanish
Zij wassen niet eens hun handen voor het eten! - Dutch

Another question for SARS Triage.
Who is weak? source: 2 Corinthians 27:11
Qui est faible? - French
Wer ist schwach? - German
Chi è debole? - Italian
¿Quién se siente débil? - Spanish
Wie is zwak? - Dutch
The word for a human chest where breathing problems occur is in the Bible.
over his chest is in Rev 1:13
sur la poitrine (on the chest) - French
an der Brust (at the chest) - German
al petto (at the chest) - Italian
por el pecho (for the chest) - Spanish
om zijn borst (around his chest)- Dutch

Just a word of caution. "His" chest in this case is a neutral word, since it is paired with a male person. Words that mean chest can also sometimes be rendered breasts. In the case of SARS this is not the useful word. Ex: In mourning situations these words are used in the Bible: beat their breasts. It's the poetic and traditional translation. This wording is used instead of: beat their chests. Doesn't that sound more like what Tarzan would do! In contrast, in French it is translated: frappant la poitrine. "Poitrine" is neutral and can be used for chest and female breasts. There is also a word "sein", which is only used for the mammary breasts.

The word image is in the Bible. Could be used for X-ray.

If you combine chest and image, you get
chest image...a good approximation for the modern X-ray. The wording could be also (an/the) image of chest. It chould be expanded to chest image of ____(Name). You might get a chuckle. That is not bad in bleak times anyway!

Image can be positive as in "Image of God" or negative as in "image of gold, idols or the beast".
Better to use the positive word of 2 Corinthians 4:4

Chest Image
L'image de poitrine - French
das Bild von der Brust - German
Immagine di petto - Italian
la imagen de pecho - Spanish
het beeld van borst - Dutch

One screening method that is being used in Singapore at the airport is taking heat images with security video cameras of passengers as they arrive from SARS hot spot countries or leave for worldwide destinations. The screener can identify outlines of people walking by. Cool areas show up as cool colours. Hot foreheads show up as red. This method gives an indication if a traveller has a fever. Let's aims to keep SARS from spreading. Pray!

The word heat is in the Bible many times.
heat Source: Acts 28:3 +

Combined with image the phrase is:
heat image
Image of the heat
L'image de la chaleur - (image of the heat) - French
Bild der Hitze (picture of the heat) - German
Immagine dal calore (image of the heat) - Italian
La imagen del calor (The image of the heat) - Spanish
Het beeld de hitte (The picture of heat) - Dutch

You could find the wordings in other languages.

The word throat is also in the Bible. Symptoms of SARS do not include a sore throat. This word could be used to help during diagnosis by exclusion.
To check for modern wordings and to find where you might be in a Bible verse, online dictionaries are useful. Just remember that these are free, so they may not be very extensive or correct. There are always book dictionaries, often available through inter-library loan or in major reference libaries. Most book dictionaries however exclude legal, health, engineering and nature words by convention. Also...dictionary words are not in sentences, except in very exhaustive dictionaries. Bible words on the other hand are always in a context.

Online Dictionaries for maybe 200 languages

Here's one of the best Chinese dictionaries.
(But X-ray is not given! Tried x-ray, Xray and radiograph too.)

A dictionary may give you 2 or 3 different translations. What to do? Well-- try back-translation. Look up each of the words in the companion dictionary from the other language to your own one(s).

Let's see what the modern words for X-ray that can be found at that link are:
X-ray - English
une radiographie - French
eine Röntgenaufnahme - German (in honour of the discoverer)
una radiografia - Italian
una radiografía - Spanish
röntgenstralen/X-stralen - Dutch

rayos ekis/x-ray - Tagalog
röntgen (ı-şını) - Turkish (back-translation shows that "röntgen" is enough)

Finally after much looking, on Page 463 of "A Practical English-Chinese Pronouncing Dictionary" of Janey Chen, Charles E. Tuttle Company, Rutland, Vermont, 12th printing - 1988
there were 4 Chinese characters for X-ray and their pronunciation.
Characters are too time consuming to add here.
Mandarin pronunciation: àikèsžgwāng (z should have a flat line)
Cantonese pronunciation: oihāaksīgwōng (the 2nd i should also have the normal i dot under the line)

Instructions against the potential spread of SARS are often:

Stay at home. Source: 2 Chronicles 25:19
Reste chez toi. - French
Bleib in deinem Haus! - German
Resta a casa tua. - Italian
Quédate en casa. - Spanish

Sick people may be told:
Stay here. (All of you) stay here.
sources: Numbers 23:3 (not too good a source) + Matthew 26:38
Reste ici. Restez ici. - French
Bleib (du) hier. Bleibt hier. - German
Rimani qui. Restate qui. - Italian
Quédate aquí. Quedaos aquí. - Spanish
Blijf hier. Blijf hier. - Dutch

Instructions to all in contact with a SARS carrier:

Do not go out! (2,2+)
Sources: Jeremiah 6:25; Matthew 24:26
Ne sortez pas! - French
Geht nicht hinaus! - German
Non uscite! - Italian
No salgan! - Spanish
Ga niet! - Dutch

For SARS and other infectious diseases, there are warnings not to go certain places of potential infection.
Tell ______(name) not to come into _______(a place) whenever he chooses,...or else he may/will die.
Source: Leviticus 16:2
Parle/Dis à ______, afin qu'il n'entre pas en tout temps dans _____, ... de peur qu'il ne meure. (afraid that he mightn't just die) - French
Rede zu ______, daß er nicht zu jeder Zeit in das/? ______ hineingeht, damit er nicht stirbt. (so that he won't die) - German
Parla ad _____ e digli di non entrare in qualunque tempo nel ______, ...altrimenti potrebbe morire. (otherwise he might die) - Italian
Di a _____, que no en todo tiempo entre en el _____,...para que no muera. - Spanish
Sig til ______, at han ikke til enhver Tid må gå ind i ______, ellers skal han dø. (otherwise he shall be dead) - Danish

Come back in ____ days.
(Source: 1 Kings 12:12 - said to at least 2 people)
Revenez vers moi dans _____ jours. - French
Kommt in _____Tagen wieder zu mir! - German
Tornate da me fra ____ giorni. - Italian
Volved a mí al _____ día. (Use ordinal #) - Spanish

This is a sentence that can be used by doctors to arrange appointments and give instructions to their patients. Employers who want to safeguard themselves and their other employees may want to send symptomatic or possibly infected people home with this instruction using the number 11 or the appropriate # word. Come back in (11) days (after your quarantine).
Haven't found any wording relating to cough/coughing, pneumonia, or lungs in the Bible that could be used.

Then there are all the wordings for clean/unclean that could be adapted for SARS. Don't have time to add more!
Put yourself into the plan of God. Repent--we are all sinners.
Is God missing to you?
Answers are in God's word.
Choose God. Choose a full LIFE on earth now. Choose LIFE!

Lord, incline your ear. Amen
Here are some non-SARS health words:
my kidneys; my gall Source: Job 16:13
mes reins; ma bile - French
meine Nieren; meine Galle - German
i reni (the kidneys); il mio fiele - Italian
mis riñones; mi hiel - Spanish
Mijn nieren; mij heen (?) - Dutch

For operations:
_____/he will remove_____.
_____/Il (détachera et) ôtera _____. - French
_____/Er trennt ______ ab. - German
_____distaccherà ______. - Italian
_____ extraerá _______. - Spanish

Let's pray for:
a)Our good health care--at home and when travelling in other countries where being able to communicate what is wrong with us can save discomfort and lives.
b) Health care workers particularly that they will be able to communicate well with people who don't speak the languages they speak even when there is no interpreter.
c)Communicable disease prevention including their eradication, to prevent other people going MISSING to us in the ways of sickness.
d) those already MISSING to us by the consequences of sickness.
e) that this Internet page regarding health and what started out with SARS wordings will restore lives, so that less people will be MISSING to all of us.


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GG Koch (Take the first @ off.)
date: starting April 2003
Thanks be to God for meaningful wordings given by the Holy Spirit with agape love.