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Please pray re: any hostages or slaves in the world. Pray for their families. Don't forget to pray "for" your "enemies", since we are to LOVE our enemies according to Jesus Christ. You may not be able to put any of this into words, so let the Holy Spirit groan with you!

He took hostages. - 2 Kings 14:14
Il pris des otages. - French
Er nahm Geiseln. - German
Prese gli ostaggi. - Italian
Tomˇ rehenes. - Spanish

Jehoash, King of Israel did this when he had a spat with the King of Judah. Read 2 Kings 14 and the 2 Chronicles story.

There are also other tell-tale sentences in this story.

Come, meet me face to face.
- 2 Kings 14:8; 2 Chronicles 25:17
Kom, lad os se hinanden under ějne! - Danish
Viens, voyons-nous en face. - French
Komm, wir wollen uns in Gesicht sehen. - German
Vieni, affrontiamoci. - Italian
íVen acß, para que nos enfrentemos! - Spanish

This sentence can be used for good or evil. Meet me for justice. Meet me for battle. Meet me for peacetalks. Meet me to solve problems. Meet me for fun.

____ would not listen. - 2 Kings 14:11
____ ne l'Úcouta pas. - French
____ h÷rte nicht zu. - German
____ non gli ascolto. - Italian
____ no escuchˇ. - Spanish

Joseph's brothers would not listen. - Genesis 42:21
Pharaoh would not listen. - Exodus 7:13, 22
God would not listen. (
- He was angry with me.) Deuteronomy 3:26
- God did not listen to Balaam. - Deuteronomy 23:5
Why not? When God listens, curses are changed to blessings.

Lots of other people didn't want to listen and they still don't.
There were principles and pride involved.

May God keep you in safety.

Pray for the 4 Christian Peace men hostages in Iraq
There were indications they were alive.
As of early March 2006 they had not been released.
Rescue of 3 of the Christian Peacemaker men; Tom Fox, a Quaker, had been killed around March 10,06. - Article March 23,06

Condolences to Tom Fox's family and friends.
May he rest in heavenly peace.

Pray re: frequent hostage targets

Lord Jesus, protect journalists, photographers, people of faith, NGO's, missionaries, commercial workers, salespeople, peacekeepers, peacemakers, tourists, rich people and innocent bystanders. Amen

Pray re: secrecy, jealosy, nationalism, justice, self-defense, forgiveness, safety, the media, biases, naivite, soldiers, armies, leaders, truces, guns, medicines, food, water mercy, understanding, education, and truth.