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(9/11) Tower

Sept. 11, 2001 was not the first time towers fell and killed people. Jesus himself had something to say about 18 MISSING people who were killed when the tower of Siloam collapsed.

Those eighteen who died when the tower in Siloam fell on them -- do you think they were more guilty than all the others living in Jerusalem? Luke 13:4
I tell you, no!... - Luke 13:5
Y esas dieciocho personas que fueron aplastadas, cuando la torre de Siloé se derrumbó,
¿creen ustedes que eran más culpables que los demás habitantes de Jerusalén?
Les digo que no,... 13:5 - Spanish

Erinnert euch an die achtzehn Leute, die starben, als der Turm von Siloah einstürzte.
Glaubt ihr wirklich, daß ausgerechnet sie die schlimmsten Sünder in Jerusalem waren?
Nein! - German

O quei diciotto, sopra i quali rovinò la torre di Sìloe e li uccise,
credete che fossero più colpevoli di tutti gli abitanti di Gerusalemme?
No, vi dico - Italian

Ces dix-huit personnes sur qui est tombée la tour de Siloé et qu'elle a tuées,
croyez-vous qu'elles fussent plus coupables que tous les autres habitants de Jérusalem?
Non, je vous le dis... - French
He definitely stated that those people were just like other people in Jerusalem. In other words they were good and bad like others. Sinners like all of us.

Even in Bible times there was a victim count! Time passed to establish a final count. These 18 had names... families... hopes... dreams. Did the hearers of Jesus' argument know the victims? Did Jesus? For Jesus to be so definite, you'd think he had to. What would Jesus have done? WWJD? Reflect on it. He counselled repentance.

Siloam, around the tower, was near the King's Garden. (Nehemiah 3:15)
It was a place of disaster and also a place of miracles. A blind man with mud placed on his eyes by Jesus washed at the pool of Siloam near the tower! John 9: 7 + 11 He was cured. Go figure.

Among the rubble of the Siloam tower there must also have been survivors. Most disasters have many more injured than killed. Some were in a daze...also called shock. Some were trapped.

Anyone trapped would shout something like:
If anyone hears my voice,...come quickly to me! These words are in Revelations 3:20 and Psalms 141:(1).
Als iemand Mij hoort...kom mij snel te hulp. - Dutch
Si quelqu'un entend ma voix...viens en hâte auprès de moi! - French
Falls jemand meine Stimme hört ...eile zu mir. - German
Si yon moun tande vwa m',...prese vin kote m' non! - Haitian Kreyol
Se qualcuno ascolta la mia voce ...affrettati a rispondermi. - Italian
si quis audierit vocem meam...?? - Latin
Se alguém ouvir a minha voz...vem depressa me ajudar. - Portuguese
Si alguno oye mi voz...ven pronto a mí. - Spanish

In today's world, emergency crews can be helping on the scene relatively quickly.

People who can walk can be helped out of the danger zone, with:
"(You,) Come follow me! (All you) follow me."
Matthew 19:21 (1);Matthew 4:19 (2,2+)
Viens, et suis-moi. Suivez-moi. - French
Komm und folge mir nach! Folgt mir nach. - German
Vieni e seguimi. Seguitemi. - Italian

Lord Jesus, comfort the people affected by disasters like the towers collapsing on Sept. 11, 2001 and the tsunami destruction of Dec 2004. Help people who are affected by cyclones, hurricanes or typhoons re: the forces of winds and water.
Help us reflect on how you comforted the hurting when the tower of Siloam collapsed and afterwards.
Help us heed your invitation to repent. (Luke 13:5)