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True Love Valentine

True Valentine or True Friend

Tell those you love often that you do.
Tell those you like often that you do.

People thrive on encouragement. People need hugs and good touches. Babies, spouses, children, friends, relatives...

Find someone "lonely" to cheer. Search your mind about those you have neglected...You may prevent a loved one going "missing" to you and you going "missing" to them.

U know that I love U

________(Name of Beloved),you know that I love you!

You can find these true love words for Valentine or for any other day in key sentences in John 21:15;16;17 (three times).
Here are words that mean the same thing in some languages.
________, u weet dat ik van u houd. - Dutch
________, you know that I love you. - English
________, tu sais que je t'aime. - French
________, du wei▀t da▀ ich dich liebe. - German (love)
________, ou konnin mouin rinmin ou. - Haitian
________, tu sai che ti voglio bene. _ Italian (want)
________, tu sai che io te amo. - Italian (love)
________, du vet at jeg har deg kjŠr. Norwegian.
________, sabe que eu o amo! - Portugese (Love that !)
________, mo hinga mbi yŔ mo. - Sango

A Valentine or Non-Valentine Compliment for Your Valentine

How beautiful you are! Song of Songs 1:15
Que tu es belle! - French
Wie sch÷n bist du! - German
Come sei bella! - Italian
ecce tu pulchra - Latin
íCußn bella eres! - Spanish


How handsome you are! Song of Songs 1:16
Que tu es beau! - French
Sch÷n bist auch du! (You too are handsome) - German
Come sei bello! - Italian
ecce tu pulcher - Latin
íCußn hermoso eres! - Spanish

Gifts and cards are formal. (See: Hezekiah's illness)
You can find your own words too.
Probably the closer you are--the more informal the gifts.
Small gifts or poem you made go farther.
God bless your relationships.

You can tell your true love:
Kiss me. - Genesis 27:26
(The reference quotes: "Come here, my son, and kiss me." The "Kiss me." phrases that originate from this reference do not specify a lover kiss, but do not exclude it.)

与 我 亲 嘴 。
- Chinese simplified
與 我 親 嘴 。- Chinese traditional