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Baby Esther - What will happen to our child, if we are missing?

"What will happen to our child if we are missing?" said Abihail.

"Yes, what will happen to our child if something happens to us?" said Abihail's wife, who was pregnant. She would become mother to Hadassah.

"Even Mordecai---he
.... will not see what will happen to us."
Similar direct quote: Jeremiah 12:4
_______non vede quel che facciamo. - Italian
Han ser ikke, hvad der bliver af os! - Danish
Times were difficult. What would happen to exiles? What would happen to captives?

"Teach our child, what he or she should do. Teach our child something about customs and many languages. Teach as much as possible...but within our faith. Teach him or her to be gracious in all situations. Teach our child who will be responsible for him or her, if and when we are not there to take care. Teach the child he or she is a child of God."

The other parent continued, "Things change so much--first there was the exile from Jerusalem of some of our family by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon. Then there was the captivity of Jehoiachin, our King of Judah. His entourage suffered with him.
Only good thing was that those with the king were important people. Many of us know about trade, diplomacy, languages and such.
And THEY, our capturers, did not kill those important people who seemed less dangerous to them.
But who knows what the future brings.
Mordecai, our nephew, must have God's grace like Joseph, who was sold by his own brothers.
Like cream, he seems to rise to the top, where ever he is.
He has his sphere of action, where decisions are made, just like Joseph of old. He seems to be around the city gate a lot.

What will happen soon? Rumours are we will end up somewhere else again.
Xerxes, also known as Ahasuerus, first had 7 provinces, then 27! We might end up in his realm even if we don't want to.
We must speak to Mordecai and to other family members."

When they saw Mordecai, Abihail implored him to look after Hadassah. "You are so good to Hadassah! Promise, even if you will not have a wife, to look after her!"
Mordecai had to promise.

He promised. He said that he wouldn't be able to stand tall, if he did not look after Hadassah's interests.
'Yes, I will look after her. Yes, even if I will have no wife. I'll have help. After all there are many accomplished men and women among our people, who could help me. Now, you promise to teach her to find me from anywhere, whatever her circumstance! You must promise me that, so I can keep my promise. And if you haven't taught Hadassah the story about Joseph, do so. And if you have, repeat it. Plant the seed that she can have Joseph as hero. He fulfilled God's plan and saved his people.'

"Sure. We'll teach her about what you want. We know how you work for the good of our people. We know how you speak up for the welfare of our people. You are often our spokesman."

Abihail and his wife whispered often and repeatedly the exact same words, so they would be etched into Hadassah's memory,
"Hadassah, precious daughter of ours, be careful, stay close to us! Remember God looks after us.
Know all those in our family. Know about helpers in the meeting places who can help you...everywhere.
Know about Mordecai, your cousin. He is in contact with our people in all the regions of king Nebuchadnezzar and beyond.
He speaks many languages, writes in many. If alive, he will try to find you, if he has not heard from you. He will start looking in the last place we were. As for you, remember, that he will seek out the most important city gate. You can search there for him and leave messages with only those you can trust completely.
Whatever you do, do not reveal your family heritage anywhere. Be like others whenever you can, yet follow our faith.
Have other names. Since YOU know YOU are Hadassah, whatever name you are given, answer to it. Another name does not change you!
Especially remember the story of Joseph, all alone in Egpyt-land. Remember him when you are alone away from your family. Don't be sad. Be useful in God's plan."

(Esther 2:7)Then, the almost unthinkable happened. Hadassah's mother and father died. From old age, sickness or from the migration, who would know?

When her father and mother died, Mordecai took her as his own daughter.
He brought her up, because she had neither father nor mother.
She was known as Esther too. She was lovely in form and features.

(Esther 2:5) She lived with Mordecai, her cousin, in the citadel of Susa.
He told her that he himself was of the tribe of Benjamin. He was son of Jair, the son of Shimei, the son of Kish.
He told Esther how he was carried into Babylonian exile. How he and his king were taken captive.

He told her his strategies for surviving and honouring God. He told her the importance of working at the King's gate.
He told her she should learn about other peoples and customs.

He told her what he knew about her family--Hadassah's family. About his uncle when he was little.
About his uncle's wife and what he knew about her side of Hadassah's family.
He confirmed that he was assigned to look after her. "If something happened to her parents," that is what she learned.
He instructed her in what she should do. She followed his well-thought out advice.

She became Queen against many odds. When she was queen, she was queen of 127 provinces, not only 27! She saved her people from genocide.
She did not perish, but lived to see not only self-defence by her people, but celebrations.
She stayed and prospered with the husband who was not one of her people.

And so it was that Esther's parents and Mordecai, with the help of God, looked after her.

Lord of all, be with parents, their children, leaders and all others as they "plan for" worst case scenarios.

Reassure us, when your Word and Bible hero stories are taught to children and others.
Console us and help us teach, if your Word has not been taught before.
Help our children learn your Word and hide your Word in their hearts.
Help those who are not ready to listen to your Word and the stories!
Help those who are in "worst case" scenarios.
Thank you for people like Esther's parents who plan for young people.
Thank you for people like Mordecai, Esther and all those that "plan" and prevent horrors and genocide.
Thank you, that you Lord, permit self-defence in murder and genocide situations.