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The Servant Girl with her lady--Naaman's Wife
The Servant Girl with her lady--Naaman's Wife

No-name Girl in
Naaman's Wife Lantern Slide by CW Briggs - Picture by Tropham
from, George Eastman House, Rochester NY
A "missing" child "with no say" had quite some eloquence in another tongue!
A child whose name we do not know. Her family was missing to her.

She was missing for her family and her people. She was taken in a raid by a band of soldiers. (2 Kings 5:2)
How often were her parents thinking of her? Did her grandfather worry? Did other relatives make inquiries?
Times were difficult. A search was difficult. The girl was taken to another country, where they spoke another tongue.

Her parents and her people prayed to God Almighty for sure.
"Please Lord, keep her safe!

Lord, remind our child to remember the words we taught her:

'Dear child, remember to be good and helpful always, just as we taught you. Be sincere of heart. Have reverence for the Lord. Pray each day,
Keep me safe, O God, for in you I take refuge.'
Schütze mich, Gott! Ich vertraue Dir.
Psalm 16:1
The Spirit...the Spirit of Elisha...
The Holy Spirit...will teach you (and those with you) all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.'
Der heilige Geist...dieser wird euch an alles erinnern, was ich euch gesagt habe, und euch helfen, es zu verstehen. - German
John 14:26
Lord, remind her of the story of Joseph! Remind her when she sees a beautiful coat of a rich man, any cistern or well, any caravan bringing spices, balm or myrrh.
Remind her of the words we taught her:

'Dear child, remember Joseph was sold and bought as a young man. Yet he conducted himself so that he was entrusted with everything an important man owned. Because of Joseph, the Lord blessed his owner.
Even when he was eventually accused and put into jail...without trial, he was again trusted and put in charge of ALL those held in the prison and he was made responsible for the management that was done there. Because of faithful Joseph, the Lord blessed everything he did. Joseph had helped many people, like the king's former cupbearer, who promised to give Joseph a good character reference.

Seems Joseph had to still learn an important lesson God wanted him to learn, because he was there many years. The Lord knew all about Joseph!

Out of jail...
The chief cupbearer, however, did not remember Joseph; he forgot him quickly.
"Direct Quote": Genesis 40:23
Aber der Mundschenk dachte nicht an Josef; er hatte ihn schon vergessen. - German
Other people did too.

The years past. Pharaoh had a dream.
The chief cupbearer said:
"Today I am reminded."
Ich muß...heute erinnern. - German
Genesis 41:9
He could remember the kind of person Joseph was, but he couldn't remember Joseph's name.
With the cupbearer's instructions, Pharaoh sent for Joseph.

"God will give Pharaoh the answer."
Gott wird dem Pharao gewiß Gutes ankündigen. - German
Genesis 41:16
After listening to Pharaoh's dream, Joseph said:
"It is just as I said...: God has shown ....what he is about to do.
Ich habe es schon gesagt: Damit will Gott ankündigen... was er in Kürze geschehen läßt. - German
Years of abundance and years of famine!"
fruchtbare Jahre und Hungerjahre. German - from various verses
Again Joseph was entrusted with "everything", this time the palace and--all the people! He was 30. He was in charge of everything in the country. He only had to answer to Pharaoh.
Again the Lord blessed what Joseph did abundantly.
He was free to come and go as he pleased.

As a bonus, he ended up helping himself and his very own family!

Lord, bless and keep the people our daughter is with. Keep reminding her of Joseph's story.

And, oh yes, Lord, remind her of the prophet Elisha's powers--especially the healing powers. We thank you for your loving care."

The girl was not missing to herself. She knew where she was. But she missed her family. And--no one could enslave her thoughts!

She thought to herself and prayed too:
'I have to remember my language and the stories I was told. Ah, yes. I remember that long story about Joseph! He was free when he was 30, but not free to see his family!
And I was taught to love God with all my heart.

And treat others the way you would like to be treated.
Let's see, if I were an important man's wife and a rich woman with a servant girl, how would I like to be treated?
I will think about that and pray for my lady, her husband, her family and my people.'

She would ask, "My lady, why are you so sad?
Why are you so downhearted?
Was bedrückt dich? - German
1Samuel 1:8
And her lady answered, "I have lovely things. I have a loving husband. I have the respect of the king himself.
Yet that is not enough! I am still sad."

Why are you crying (weeping)?
Warum weinst du? - German
1 Samuel 1:8
"I can not even kiss my husband. And I do yearn for his kisses.

If the king did not owe him everything, then my dear husband would already be banished outside of town with the other lepers.

Many people have said my husband should do some great thing or other to be cured. That this or that would help.
He has spent quite some time and money already! Nothing helped.

He tried almost everything to be cured of this dreaded leprosy!"

Perhaps the wife may have also said, "I would not mind being poor! If only he were cured."

So the little servant girl prayed about her lady, her husband, her family and her people.

The Lord reminded the girl of Elisha, his powers and especially his healing powers.

So the little girl said to Naaman's wife:
"If only my master would see the prophet who is in Samaria! HE WOULD CURE HIM OF HIS LEPROSY!"
Einmal sagte sie zu ihrer Herrin: »Wenn mein Herr (,Naaman,) doch zu dem Propheten gehen könnte, der in Samaria lebt! Der würde ihn von seiner Krankheit (Aussatz) heilen.« - German
"Direct Quote": 2 Kings 5:3
Her lady became interested. 'Tell me more.'
The girl told her lady what she knew about Elisha and his relation to God.

Her lady thought. 'My servant girl has never lied. She was always helpful. She is always ready to do what she can. She does not hurt anyone. I will seriously talk with my husband.'

'Naaman, my husband. Go to the healer," the lady entreated, 'By all means, go!'

Naaman had heard of and experienced the girl's helpful ways too. Naaman trusted her.

So he went to his own king, who had waged war with Naaman on the people he was going to ask for help.

His king wrote an introduction letter for the girl's king.
"By all means, GO!"
Geh doch hin. German
2 Kings 5:5
Then Naaman went to the girl's king. This king, who was not a healer, was quite beside himself, since he didn't know what he could possibly do. He did not want to incur further wrath either.

Everyone in the realm heard of the king's reaction, including of course, Elisha.

Elisha sent a messenger to the king.

The king sent Naaman to Elisha. 'By all means, GO!', said the king.

Elisha sent a messenger outside his front door with a very simplistic message.

Naaman didn't even see Elisha in person!

After being thoroughly disgusted, Naaman fulfilled what the simplistic message said anyway. He washed according to the message and he was cured!

When he was thanked, Elisha said:
"As surely as the Lord lives, whom I serve, I will not accept a thing."
So gewiß der Herr lebt, dem ich diene: ich nehme nichts an. - German
2 Kings 5:16
Then Naaman prepared to go home and had to think of thanking in other ways.

Do you think Naaman or his wife kept the servant girl in bondage?
Do you think he sold her to anyone else?
How ungrateful that would be!
Maybe the girl had even come along as helper back to her own country--as interpreter to help Naaman.
She would surely have been reunited with her family.
Because Naaman was in a key position in his country, he may have influenced others to return the captives taken at the same time as the girl.
Perhaps he was able to free others of her people who were enslaved.
She ended up helping herself and her very own family!!
Lord, give missing children and people who are owned, the wisdom to be helpful like Joseph and Naaman's wife's servant girl.
Give them words in all situation. Let them be courageous at all times and outspoken and bold when safe.
Thank you, Lord for the prayers of parents and children.
We thank you for successful reunions of missing people with loved ones. Amen.