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Belongs to... where does this person belong to? ex: Ruth +

Whose young woman is that?" Ruth 2:5
Wohin geh÷rt dieses Mńdchen? - German
┐De quien es esa joven? - Spanish

Concerned, observant, blessing those around them people can still ask this type of question when confronted with someone "who doesn't seem to belong" or seem to be "missing" somehow.
Whose young man is that?
Where does this John Doe belong?
Where does the confused elderly gent belong?
Where does this eager young worker belong in my organization?

(The English wording implies ownership of a person. Whose?
Some other wordings just try to match the person with a place.)

Things didn't fit. Why would a "beautiful" poor woman, take advantage of an age-old custom, to work very diligently over a picked over field?
She must have had principles.

Boaz did not approach the young woman, but "dealt" with her through his agents. "Tell me about her"

He found out
- that she was a foreigner
- that she asked permission to be there.
- that she was finally taking a break in the shade
- that she had worked non-stop since early in the morning
- that she was a widow
- that she had been good to husband and her in-laws
- that she is good to a widow
- that she had chosen life with Naomi and her God far away

With such good reports, Boaz approached her. He didn't need to ask questions any more. He provided for her basic immediate needs and her safety. He didn't do what she could do for herself.

"Why have I found such favour in your eyes, that you notice me--a foreigner?" - Ruth 2:10
┐QuÚ de bueno has visto en mÝ, una extranjera, para que me trates con tanta bondad?" - Spanish
Wie kommt es, da▀ du so freundlich zu mir bist? Ich bin doch eine Fremde. - German

With God it was the right thing to do.

Factual, positive, unbiased 3rd party reports made the difference that particular day.
Racism has no place with God.
How important is a reputation, especially with people who have not hardened their hearts!

Ruth was smart too. She asked questions of her benefactor and about the owner of various fields--about the motives of the masters of the field workers. She knew that horrible people can be extremely nice too, until their prey is enslaved. She had strategies of how to avoid trouble.

Turns out Boaz was a nice guy.
Turns out Ruth was a great gal.
She didn't just work long and hard the first day!

Lord, Jesus Christ-- we thank you for observant people. "Soften" hearts. We thank you for foreigners.
Show citizens, residents and foreigners your plan for them. When to sit, when to stand, when to go in or out, when to stay or when "to go home". Let them know where their place to glean and work is on this earth. Amen