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Ya lookin' for...? - Why are you crying? ...Missing?
Why are you crying?
Why are you crying?

When Jesus saw her/_________ crying,..., he was deeply moved and troubled. John 11:33
Al ver Jesús el llanto de ____,...,se conmovió hasta el alma. - Spanish
Jesus sah sie/___ weinen. ... Er wurde zornig (angry) und war sehr erregt. - German
Toen Jezus haar zag huilen, maakte hij zich boos, en diep bewogen vroeg hij. - Dutch
He asked many times,
"Why are you crying?" (John 20:15)
Pourquoi pleures-tu? - French
Warum weinst du? - German
Waarom huilt u? - Dutch
¢o pla¢eš? - Slovak
Jesus asks distraught people even today, especially today. He is still deeply moved by tears.
He is still deeply moved by people who are distressed yet numb. There are various ways we protect ourselves and are protected. Being "in shock" is one of the mechanism built into us for God's loving protection when we are in danger.

Some say, "Do whatever seems best to you." (1 Sam 14:36)

Haz lo mejor que te parezca. - Spanish
Fais tout ce que tu juges bon. - French
Du brauchst nur zu befehlen. (You just have to give an order/just have to give the word.) - German
Doe wat u goed vindt. - Dutch
But others say to pray first, "Let us inquire of God here." (1 Sam 14:36)
Acerquémonos antes a consultar a Dios. - Spanish
Wir wollen doch zuerst Gott fragen. - German
Consultons d'abord Dieu. - French
Laten we ons hier eerst tot God wenden. - Dutch
Remember that Psalm 147:3 assures us that:
He [the LORD] is the healer of the brokenhearted.
Il (le Seigneur) guérit ceux qui ont le coeur brisé. - French

When parents of missing people say who is missing, others ask:
"Who is it you are looking for?" (John 20:15)
¿A quién buscas? - Spanish
Qui cherches-tu? - French
Wen suchst du? - German
Koho hladáš? (Letter l has a line through it.) - Slovak
Wie zoekt u? - Dutch
Discernment is needed, to know if this question should be answered with the identifying information:
"His name is ______________."

Then they are anxious for any news. Hope, crying, false leads, excitement, loneliness...witnesses....

We have seen _________. John 20:25
Wir haben ______gesehen. - German
Nous avons vu _______. - French
We hebben _____ gezien. - Dutch
"Tell me.....where .... I will get him." (John 20:15
Sage mir....wo(hin)...ich möchte ihn holen. - German
Dime....dónde....yo me lo llevaré. - Spanish
Dis-moi...où...j'irai le reprendre. - French
Vertel me dan waar...dan zal ik hem terughalen. - Dutch
Discernment is needed as to who can be trusted.

Jesus did something each time he asked, "Why are you crying?" The calm, resurrected Jesus explained his situation lovingly to Mary, so she could understand.
Another time, we understand that he understood grieving.
He too cried.

Jesus wept. John 11:35

Jezusi qau. - Albanian
عِنْدَئِذٍ بَكَى يَسُوعُ - Arabic
耶 穌 哭 了 。- Chinese
Teď vyhrkly slzy i Ježíšovi. Czech
Jezus had tranen in zijn ogen. - Dutch
Jésus pleura. – French
Jesus weinte/(kamen die Tränen). - German
Jezi kriye. - Haitian
Gesú pianse. – Italian
예수께서 눈물을 흘리시더라 - Korean
et lacrimatus est Iesus - Latin
Jesus fikk tårer i øynene. - Norwegian
Jezus zapłakał. - Polish
Jesus chorou. – Portuguese
Isus plîngea. – Romanian
Иисус заплакал. - Russian
Jesús lloró. – Spanish
Yesu akalia. – Swahili
Si Jesus ay tumangis. – Tagalog (Filipino)
Đức Chúa Jêsus khóc. – Vietnamese (Lord Jesus wept.)
He didn't leave it at that. He always did something wonderful. He rescues the situation. His answers are always special for the crier.

People who cry have not "hardened their hearts". People who are crying inside, shedding no tear, have not "hardened their hearts". No! They have hearts that can really "feel". They have eyes which can really "see". They have ears which can really "hear". They can really appreciate forgiveness for anything done or omitted in thought, word or deed. If only? Ask for God to restore beauty somehow. Who would throw even a pebble at someone who regrets sins or omissions? Are we not all capable of the same "sins" at least in thought? How can we throw pebbles ourselves! Jesus forgives better than ANY person! He forgives totally and says simply:
"Go and sin no more." John 8:11
Gå bort, og synd ikke mer fra nå av! - Norwegian
Vete y no vuelvas a pecar en adelante. - Spanish
Geh und sündige nicht mehr. - German
U kunt gaan, zondig voortaan niet meer. - Dutch
Jesus didn't and still doesn't give a "detailed" list of "what next" recommendations. He didn't give specific answers in the John 4:18 situation. Jesus always recommended true LOVE. What exact LOVE actions should someone take with each of 5 former or current "spouses". Each of us has to prayerfully figure out what is next in our journey with FORGIVENESS and LOVE.

One time a woman came and cried near Jesus. She was accepted into his "personal" space. She was not rejected by him, even though her public show of affection may seem odd to us. Why was she crying? Because she was in the process of putting her sins behind her with relief, gratitude and joy. She was "missing" true friends, so she came to seek one out. The crying woman who anointed Jesus at Simon, the Pharisee's home, may have said nothing. Jesus may have said nothing to her. But he had plenty to say in her favour to her "accusers", especially the leper host and his very own disciples. Luke 7:37.

When a person weeps and mourns, people may ask him/her the very words God said to Samuel in 1 Samuel 16:1 :

How long will you mourn for______?
Quand cesseras-tu de pleurer sur ______? - French
Wie lange willst du um _____ trauern? - German
Fino a quando piangerai su _____? - Italian

How long indeed?

1. How long should Samuel have mourned for Saul?

Samuel had anointed and mentored Saul. Later Samuel mourned about Saul, when this king didn't do God's purpose in his life anymore. Samuel had tried everything, but the situation was not in his power. While Saul was still alive, Samuel was told by God to anoint someone else. So he did. We must surely wonder if Samuel understood all he was to do. Did he do it with a heavy or fearful heart and did it anyway? Saul could have been very bad to him, even threatening his life.

2. How long should Jonathan have mourned for his father Saul? He mourned when he found out his own father would kill his best friend. Read up on it. What do you think happened?

3. How long should David have mourned for his father-in-law Saul? Read up on it. David knew he was hunted at one point by Saul. He had been cornered, but wasn't detected. He had to choose--he chose to spare Saul's life. And he made a statement where Saul was sleeping. Read up on it. How did he grow spiritually?

4. How long did Michal mourn for her father Saul? How long for the "failed" marriage with David? Was she happy in the next arranged marriage or did she weep for her husband or herself? What do you think after you read between the lines in the Bible.

How long should a weeper mourn?

Here are three examples of what the Bible states people did. You can read what some others did in some of the stories of this website.

David helped, mourned and prayed for his baby child while it was alive. Then when he knew the boy was dead, he washed, ate and stopped isolating himself.

Old Testament Joseph mourned his father quite loudly for 7 days. Genesis 50:10
He did what he needed. There was a certain place, a time available, custom. He mourned--yet there were well-defined limits to the time of mourning in God's plan.

Joseph's father had mourned his favorite son for years. He kept asking questions about the circumstances surrounding his supposed death, because the answers by his remaining 11 sons didn't match. He would think and ask new questions every day. His sons knew he was unhappy and would remain this way probably until death. Closure seemed unattainable. But--God had had a plan--the truth came out. His son was alive in a far away country! Then he had to deal with forgiveness.

How long should a person weep and mourn?
God has different answers for each weeper.

The truth will set us free! We will not give up, but will know the path to take on earth. Even when we don't have concrete answers to all our questions. We are reassured that under God's loving wings our burdens are not impossible to bear or too heavy.

Also, there IS truth in heaven. There we will be more free than ever before. There we will have no more tears.

Lord Jesus, you are interested in missing people and our prayers about missing people. You know the details about the situations already. Lord, we put missing people into your hands, to protect them, to be a loving father to them.
Jesus you asked Mary whom she was looking for, even though you knew she was looking for you.
Help us to recognize your mercies. We ask for the blessing you gave Mary.
You said. "Peace be with you." Lord, we need this "peace that passes all understanding."
Lord, be with those that are seemingly alone looking for a missing person.
Let us always pray about all our actions regarding missing people first.
Help us, so no one has the feeling they have to look everywhere all alone or 24/7--something that is impossible.
Lord, be merciful when we are anxious for news.
Lord, take anyone who is crying and/or looking at this page under you wing close to your heart. Hold them up with your everlasting arms. Cover and protect them with your love.
Lord we pray for truthful search resolutions with healing mercies. Thank you that you make joy possible after a season of mourning--a night of tears followed by a morning with joy according to Psalm 30:5. Thank you that you are only a prayer away.