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Search, Find and Rejoice! A missing person is more valuable than...(put here a word of something of any high or low value)!

Search, Find and Rejoice! That is the best outcome.

A missing person is more valuable than....

a head of hair,
a single hair,
any field

Any person that impacts with a missing person is more valuable than...

any lost coin,
any star,
any bird,
any mundane treasure...

"Are you not more valuable than they?" "Direct Quote": Mat 6:26
Danish - Er I ikke langt mere værd end de?
The Creator brings out the starry host one by one, and calls them each by name. (Isa 40:26)
He calls YOU by name. He called each "missing" person by name. In God's eye each person is valuable and we should never compare relative worth. Is the eye more important than the hand?
Even if you do not acknowledge Him, because of people like Jacob, he calls YOU by name and bestows on YOU a title of honor. (Read Isa. 45:4)

God says:
"I know you by name." "Direct Quote": Exo 33:12;17
Danish - Jeg kender dig ved navn.
The story of the Lost Coin (Luke 15:8-10) shows that finding anything...or anyone missing is time consuming.

"Does she carefully until she finds it?" "Direct Quote": Luke 15:8
Danish - Tænder hun så ikke...leder ivrigt, lige til hun finder den? (wording?)
Search, find and rejoice.

To ultimately rejoice, the lost coin woman looked carefully and systematically.

She seems to have looked for the coin by herself most of the time, perhaps to avoid interference with her work.

The friends and neighbours seem to have known about the lost coin.

When successful, she called them:
"Rejoice with me. I have found my lost coin.""Direct Quote": Luke 15:9
Danish - Glæd jer med mig, for jeg har fundet den drakme, jeg havde tabt.
Yes, we can use almost the same words when a "lost person" is found. Let's replace "coin" with the "found person's name". Kinda like "fill in the blank" on the pattern of Luke 15: part of verses 6 and 9.
Rejoice with me! (aka: All of you rejoice with me!) I have found my lost ___________.
which can be expressed in these ways too:
Réjouissez-vous avec moi, car j'ai retrouvé ____que j'avais perdu(e). French
Wees blij samen met mij, want ____adat ik verloren had, hebf ik teruggevonden. Dutch
Fate feste con me, perché ho ritrovato _____ che avevo perduto. Italian
Felicítenme, porque ya encontré _____que (se me) había perdido. Spanish
Gled dere med meg, for jeg har funnet _____jeg hadde mistet. Norwegian
Ila farxa,.... waayo, waxaan helay ______ iga luntay/hallowday. Somali
Mhojem sanddlelem ____mell'lem mhonn mhaka porbim diat. Konkani
Bergembiralah dengan aku, sebab aku telah _____ semu(l)a *ku yang telah hilang (itu). Indonesian
Yes, Lord, let's rejoice when any missing person is found by a true appreciative person.
Let us pray for and know the value of each and every missing person, whether they acknowledge you, Lord God, Creator, or not.
Let friends and neighbours know how they should help the searchers.
Let diligent searchers find a systematic plan to find any missing person, so they can get to rejoice quickly.
Lord, we thank you for things, like lost coins or documents that help find missing people.
We thank you for those that keep people from going missing. Those that return purses, information etc.
We thank you for those that have helped find missing people. Show us how to rejoice without misgivings. Let us know how to enjoy a celebration.....