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Can friends...come? Are My New Friends Invited Too?

Are My New Friends Invited Too?
Re: John 1 and John 2:1-12 and more....

John, the Baptist had identified Jesus as the Son of God by a sign God had given him that was promised to him beforehand. Jesus then asked the two disciples of John in Bethany and some others in Bethsaida "what they were looking for." If they recognized him as the Messiah, and were looking for the Messiah, Jesus asked them to "Come and see." If they came, he asked them to "Follow him". This way he had gathered Andrew and Simon Peter; Philip and Nathaniel.

Jesus was on his way to Galilee.

Jesus was invited to a wedding that was coming up in Cana in that province. Mary was there helping with small details.

Would his new disciples be invited to the Wedding too?

The organizers were confronted with a statement that begs an answer or comments:
I would like to come, BUT I have these friends that would be alone. I wouldn't want to leave them. Can you help me?

The bride and groom wanted Jesus to come. So the friends were invited too. Seems there was NO PROBLEM.

Relatives were invited....
Friends were invited....
Many accepted.
Some who were invited gave good excuses.
They were ill or looking after sick relatives, so they couldn't come.
But many gave lame excuses....

The poor who were "wandering the streets" were probably invited too because of the custom of being very generous on a wedding day.

The master of the banquet was informed of the expected number of guests and conferred mainly with the bridegroom about the quality of the wedding services such as types of wine. He organized the food and drinks, the servants, the placesettings, the utensils, the music, the flowers, the jars of water for ceremonial washing.....

Many were invited, some stayed away, but many came.
As the wedding progressed, the servants wondered how the wedding would work out! They were very busy. They were running to get the work done. They could see things were running out. Would there be enough space? Would there be enough wine at the rate it was being consumed?

So many were invited and really came, that 6 jars of about 100 litres of wine each were still needed after the allotted wine bought by the bridegroom had been consumed.

Everyone can help at a party. The guests, especially the "extra" ones can bring something when they come. When a problem arises, those near may be able to help. Mary did just that when the wine ran out. She had the authority to tell the servants what to do. She roped Jesus into helping. Mary asked the servants to listen to him. Then Jesus made them listen as he roped the servants into helping to fill large jars of water. A miracle happened.

The first to know about the wine miracle were the servants. They are often the first to know many things! The master of the banquet feast wasn't told about the miracle or he didn't believe it, since he asked the groom about the why and wherefore of the wine. The disciples saw the glory of Jesus and they believed in him. They saw the miracle, only because someone (Jesus? Mary? both?) asked for them to be invited to the wedding.

The new disciples were NOT MISSING at the wedding.
The new disciples were not missing to "their friend" at a good time.
The new disciples met many new people they did not know before.
There was enough at this party for everyone! Problems were solved without the involvement of the groom.
The groom only found out about the "almost wine fiasko" until the problem was solved much later!!!

Everyone loves inviting problem-solving guests.

Who was missing at the party?
Anyone who gave excuses.
Anyone who did not have their friend ask for them to be invited.
Anyone who insisted they would stay alone, while their friend went to the wedding.
Anyone who is afraid of something or someone at the wedding...of big crowds, of not being liked, of not liking the people... .
Anyone who was not ready for the wedding.
Anyone who thought that they would surely not be invited.