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Open/Shut doors - What should we do?
Pastor Hagee

To open or shut doors...that is the question.

Decisions. Decisions.

Well, that depends...everything has to be done WITH love, now one...later the other. Doors can be gently closed or slammed. Doors can let in the light. Doors can squeak. Doors can be hard to open...

Here are 2 of God's workers being mentors using Bible words.
Pastor Hagee had shouted
"Shut the door!" (alternate- Close the door)
When he used these Bible words, he prevented the kidnapping of his daughter. (see letter below)
These words are found in Matthew 6:6 and can therefore be spelled in many languages.
Cierra la puerta. - Spanish
Luk din d°r. (Close your door) - Danish
Ferme la porte. - French
Chiudi la porta. - Italian
Feche a porta. - Portuguese
FŔmin p˛t ou. - Haitian
Oo goortaad albaabkaaga xidhid. - Somali
Ajtˇdai bezßrva. - Hungarian (Confirm? -The i could be an l.)
Brother Andrew uses the exact opposite words of
"Open doors."
He uses these also for God's purposes. Is it a wild guess to think he took his inspiration from Matt. 25:11 and other similar places in the Bible? The foolish young women...The bride- the Church -can let them in...whatever you loose upon earth....
Even today people shout,
"Open the door for us!"
Ouvre-nous! - French (Open for us!)
Luk os ind! - Danish (Let us in!)
It is interesting that before YOU can open a door, you probably have to get up. Miracles happen when WE get up to face the day. Jesus said to one man, "Get up, pick up your mat (make your bed...+), and GO (Do what you should be doing in God's plan)!" A miracle happened to him.

Another "Open the door" verse is even more exciting and encouraging when it applies:
"Then, open the door and run; don't delay!" 2 Kings 9:3
(In French it's a statement instead of a command -Tu ouvriras la porte et tu t'enfuiras sans tarder.
(You WILL open the door and you WILL escape without delay.)
Despois sais de lß o mais depressa que puder. - Portuguese
(This seems like it is an even stronger statement! Something like: Then get outta THERE as fast as you can!)
Und dann verschwinde, so schnell du kannst! - German
(Another statement - And then DISAPPEAR as fast as you can!)
Apri la porta e allontanati senza perdere un istante. - Italian
Surely YOU MUST LISTEN and act on it, if God gives YOU such a command or statement! Then there is freedom from whatever YOU and those with you are to run from and miracles WILL be happening!
The following letter was sent to Pastor Hagee via e-mail in 2000, but there has not been a detailed reply.

Pastor Hagee mentioned in one of his programs that his daughter was almost kidnapped at a movie theatre.
He shouted out, "Shut the door".
They knew there was evil intent and that the "shouting disturbance", saved her from a bad situation.

I would like to link something about this matter to my ministry website:
as the website is about prayer for "missing people". It has links and it has amplified Bible stories related to the topic.

If this situation was related in one of Pastor Hagee's books or videos, I can make a link to that or I can quote him, if he wants to send special text for the website.

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