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Help Wanted: Specialist in ___________.

Are you missing a specialist with expertise where you are, because this person would add value to some material thing(s) that could be exquisite if you had access to the best one? You could send for this person by phone, e-mail, or perhaps a letter to come and work.....all you would need first, unless you counted on a chance encounter, is the direct contact or some intermediate contact information.

You could ask yourself: Who would likely know a specialist like I want? Ah --Powerful, knowledgeable, people people like Solomon. You could then approach and ask:
Send me therefore a man (or woman) skilled to work in ______ and _______(add materials available), experienced in the art of _______(particular skill) to work in ________and ________(places). ....with my skilled craftsmen. 2Chronicles 2:7
Envoie-moi un spécialiste du travail de _______ et du ________ (les materiaux), et qui connaise l'art de ________. travaillera avec mes propres spécialistes, et qui habitent ________ et ________ (les places). - French
Mandami un artigiano che sa lavorare bene l'/il______e ________, e bravo nell'arte de ________. Egli dirigera il lavoro degli artigiani che io ho a disposizione qui a ________ e _________. - Italian

Solomon had excellent, skillful people working for him, but collectively they did not have all the skills of the known world. Solomon continued to have this problem.

Solomon had ships and a port, but had few or no sailors with expertise. He negotiated a joint venture with King Hiram who lived in Tyre near the sea.

Solomon had temple and palace workers, but they were not able to reproduce all the effects and art work required that were in the plans.

So he made a search in his kingdom. Then he made a search in the neighbouring kingdoms... by involving their most powerful representative(s).

There were tribute people who came to Solomon's court with the best offerings and knowledge to ensure peace.

There was the Queen of Sheba, who brought spices and skills, including one kind of harp tradition.

"Missing" specialist handymen--often are found in crosscultural places among multilingual people. So it was with Huram, a specialist who lived in King Hiram's port city of Tyre, whose father was from there and whose mother was from "Dan", one of the 12 Hebrew tribes. He agreed to move to Jerusalem at least for a while.

It is likely that the specialists not only have the manual skills, but they also have those to organize translators or to understand you when you describe the work you want done. They can do the work themselves or they can teach someone you know the needed skills in your language. A cultural exchange!

Who and what is needed? Someone to commission the work, a project, materials, shelter, food, helpers, students, colleagues
If you have a sample, you can describe what you want better. If you send the sample as well and not only a description, you can say to make one (just like it) for you.

Send me _________ as you did for my ___________, when you sent him/her to build _________.

Tu hai mandato ______ a mio _____per la construzione de _____.
Ti chiedo di fare lo stesso per me. - Italian

Tu as fourni du ______ a* ma/mon ________, pour qu'il/elle puisse se construire sa/son ________
Agis de m*me envers moi. - French
Which accomplished Bible man had many items brought from afar? Solomon (Import and export of horses - 2 Chronicles 1:16-17)
Or: David before him....

Which accomplished Bible woman can even have perishables (food) brought in from afar? (Proverbs 31:14)
The Proverbs 31 woman, who is more precious than gems.
Lord, thank you that there are many estectically beautiful things in life. We thank you for arts and crafts--for special decoration. We thank you for good design of everyday things. We thank you that much is made by people in every corner of the world. We thank you that we can trade what we produce and have skills that others need too. Bless us and them and give all of us the deserved fruits of our labours. Amen.