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O grandchild - Enoch, my grandchild, will I ever see you?

Story inspired by God's Word regarding: Genesis 4:12,13, 16,17 and 26

'Enoch, my grandchild will I ever see you?'
Eve cried out in her heart when she was all alone--about Enoch, her son Cain's son in Nod, but particularily after seeing Enosh, Seth's son.
Her heart ached with no solutions--so she cried out to the Lord...

it WAS the time when humans first cried out TO THE LORD. (- Genesis 4:26)
C'est alors que l'on commença à invoquer le nom de l'Éternel. - French
Zu dieser Zeit begannen die Menschen, zum Herrn zu beten. - German
Allora si cominciò a invocare il nome dell'Eterno. - Italian
Desde entonces se comenzó a invocar el nombre del Señor. - Spanish

Eve must have also cried out to the Lord:
This punishment is too great. Genesis 4:13
Mon châtiment est trop grand - French
Diese Strafe ist zu hart. - German
Il mio castigo è troppo grande. - Italian
Mi castigo es demasiado grande. - Spanish

First I lost Abel and Cain on the very same day! Now I am lost to Enoch too.

Surely God listened--or else people would have stopped praying right then and there.
Eve prayed with her own words as the thoughts came.
'Oh, Lord God, I know that Cain had to leave and be a wanderer, but what did my grandchild do that I can't see him? Do have mercy, I ask of you.

You know, Lord, that I thought Seth would replace Abel, when Seth was born.
I said:
"God has granted me another child in place of Abel, since Cain killed him." Genesis 4:25
Evë: Perëndia më dha një tjetër pasardhës në vend të Abelit, që u vra nga Kaini. - Albanian
Eve: Dieu m'a donnée un autre fils à la place d'Abel, que Caïn a tué. - French
Gott hat mir wieder einen Sohn geschenkt. Der wird mir Abel ersetzen. - German
Eva: Dio mi ha concesso un altro figlio al posto di Abele ucciso da Caino. - Italian
Ieva: Dievs man ir devis citu dēlu pēc Ābela,jo to nokāva Kains. - Latvian
Ева: Бог положил мне другое семя, вместо Авеля, которого убил Каин. - Russian
Eva: Bôh mi dal náhradou iné semä namiesto Ábela, keď ho zabil Kain. - Slovak
Eva: "Dios me ha concedido otro retoño en lugar de Abel, muerto por Cain." - Spanish

Well, now I know that only you, Lord, can fill the longing for Abel. How wrong I was.
You have told me in my heart that you are merciful to those who mourn.
Abel's name will not be forgotten. He has not lived in vain.

I think you are showing me that my grandchild Enosh can not replace Enoch...are you?

Thank you for Adam, all my daughters, Seth and Enosh.

But, Lord. You know how I ache for my son Cain, even though his name is hardly mentioned except in whispers.
Thank you, Lord, that Cain is well. I am told he is married. I know that people don't kill him, since there is something that tells them, that he IS under your protection. That he has a wife. That he is not wandering any more!
He has founded a city! Yes...

He must have repented, especially when he understood what it is like being a parent himself. It is after his son, that he is naming the city, after all. After his son was born...
Cain was (then) building a city. Genesis 1:17
Il bâtit (ensuite) une ville. - French
(Und) er bauete eine Stadt. - German
Poi Caino costruì una città. - Italian
(Luego) Caín edificó/fundó una ciudad. - Spanish

Yes. I am told that I have another grandchild, MY GRANDCHILD, Enoch by name, Cain's son!
I wonder, if he looks like Adam or more like myself?
Lord, will I ever see him? Have mercy on us, O Lord, I pray.
What is Cain's wife really like? What should I say to you, Lord and what should I do?"Answers came.
'Ah, I can send a message. God willing, Enoch will at least know about us and know that we care about him. And even if others speak only in whispers about Abel or Cain--I WILL speak about them.'
Eve thanked God for Enoch and Cain's wife. When she did, she came to thank God for letting Cain live to build cities--to thank God that Cain gave her this grandchild and for Cain himself. She accepted God's comfort about Abel and thanked God for all his life. She also praised God for her very own life.
Claire of Assisi, at the end of her life said it well:
Dieu soyez beni de m'avoir créée. - French
Lord be blessed/praised that you created me.
(Who can find the wording in the original Italian? Please e-mail it.)

Surely Adam ached for his son Cain too.
Surely Seth ached for the brother he never knew.
God surely listens when two or more pray along the same lines, because they agree in their prayer!!

Dear grandparent reader, to find practical help and advice there are grandparent support groups either online and/or in your area. Try the following key words in search engines:
grandparent, grandparents, grandparents', "support group", access, rights, grandparenting, your location key words, the grandchild's location key words, helpline. God bless and keep you.

Dear reader, let us pray together:
Lord, you have all our children and children's children including spiritual ones in your care.
We pray for those longing for their Enoch grandchildren, children and relatives.
Lord, be with grandparents' support groups, grandparent's access right groups and with grandparenting groups in general.
We thank you that you are merciful to those who mourn.
We thank you for news.
Lord, be with us when we receive news.
We thank you for messages and go-betweens for messages.
We thank you for bulletin boards at crossroads.
Be with us when we are reminded of those missing like Enoch.
Be with us when grandchildren and grandparents meet.
Be with us when prodigals return.
We call on your name, Lord God, Creator.
We call on the most holy name of your Son, Jesus Christ.
We thank you for our very lives. Be praised that you created us.
We thank you, that when we don't have words, that the Holy Spirit groans for us.
Lord, have mercy. Amen.