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Forgettable? - Missing because a parent forgot a child?

Can a woman forget her own baby and not love the child she bore?
Será que uma mãe pode se esquecer do seu bebê?
Será que pode deixar de amor o seu própio filho? - Portuguese
Une femme oublie-t-elle l'enfant qu'elle nourrit?
Cesse-t-elle d'aimer l'enfant que'elle a porté? - French
This question shows a fear many children have. Especially when they are little, children would like Mom or anyone loved to be there constantly. That is not humanly possible. A person can not be attentive 24 hours a day! There should be alternate caretakers. A child needs many people, safety knowledge and a safety network. Mom needs to run errands and needs rest and a break. At the end of this page there is a little skit for the little ones regarding a Dad who has to leave for a little while. If it is age appropriate it may help them. The skit can be altered for the listeners, so they will learn to trust that generally a loved one will come back.

Can a woman abandon/betray/hurt her _____?
The Lord answers: Even if a mother should forget her child, I will NEVER FORGET YOU!!!
Isaiah 49:15
Mesmo que isso acontecesse, eu nunca me esqueceria de vocês. - Portuguese
A supposer qu'elle l'oublie, moi, je ne t'oublie pas. - French
So a woman or a man can forget her baby.

A woman or a man can "not love her child".
This parent made a poor choice.

But....everyone, including the forgotten, or the unwanted abandoned person is In Good Hands and can be reassured to say:
Before I was born, the Lord appointed me...Isaiah 49:5
Le Seigneur déclare, qu'il m'a formé dès avant ma naissance. - French
The Lord says to his people:
I will guard and protect you. Isaiah 49:8
Eu os protegerei. - Portuguese
There are many questions. Some parentless people will not find out the circumstances of their particular situation here on earth. There are general questions and particular ones.

Some together with "other" forgotten ones will confront the "forgetting" parent. This may be very difficult.
Why do you always forget us? Lamentations 5:20
Pourquoi nous oublierais-tu pour toujours? - French
Whether the reasons are sufficient or not they may ask:
Restore us to yourself...that we may return. Lamentations 5:21
Fais nous revenir vers nous reviendrons. - French
They look for the parents blessing.
"Bless me too!"

Whatever the outcome, the Lord reassures us:
I will never forget you. Isaiah 44:21 and 49:15

In Isaiah 50:1, the Lord hides a general question in a question:
This alternate question is:
Can a man sell his children as slaves into captivity?
What a rhetorical question!
The answer is: Yes,... like a man...
So could a woman.
So could brothers.
So could others who are important to a person.
It could be because of a bet, of inattentiveness, of laziness...It could be of famine, of debt, of jealosy or greed...because of human foibles...
It could be because of fear, because of mental illness...
It can also seem that a man sold his children...the events may seem to be true...God would know.

In Isaiah 50:1 the Lord asks:
Do you think I sold you into captivity like a man who sells his children as slaves?
Dites-moi à qui je vous aurais vendus comme esclaves? - French
Ou acham que eu os vendi como escravos...Não. - Portuguese
Actions speak louder than words. The concluding answer for Isaiah 50:2 is No. The Lord would never. The Isaiah 50:1 group had sinned. Being slaves was the consequence for their actions in this particular case.

God is Father to the fatherless (Psalm 68:5)--a parent to the parentless. God, as a parent, may give a physical mother to the motherless (Mary to John)--and a child to the childless (John to Mary). God may choose other ways to fulfill godly parental love and promises.

A person who is in captivity or has been "sold" has the same choice as Naaman's wife's servant girl.

She was kind and remembered the famous Joseph, 'the favorite son with the many coloured coat', who had been sold by his brothers. She remembered God's healing power and did something about her attitude and actions.

The Lord says to his people:

Kings will be like fathers to you.
Queens will be like mothers.
They will bow low before you and honour you.
They will humbly show their respect for you.
Then you will know that I am the LORD. Isaiah 49: 23

Kings and Queens and people like them are still chosen and appointed by God.

Naaman was thankful when he was cured.
He was a leader of an army and the helper of a king!
When Naaman could help the King again fully, he would have remembered that little servant girl. God would remind him. Naaman's king would be respectful and like a father.

The Lord said to his people, including parentless ones:
No one who waits for my help will be disappointed. Isaiah 49: end of 23
Os que confiam em mim nunca ficam desiludidos. - Portuguese
Ceux qui comptent sur moi sne sont jamais déçus. - French
Lord, help us when we feel abandoned.
Help us when we are abandoned.
Help when people need help with their children and others.
Let us find any "missing" ones soon in familiar and unfamiliar surroundings.
Help us to be like Joseph and the servant girl, when we are "captive". Let us know what to do in all circumstances.
Here's a common situation written as a skit.
Jesus said many of the words at one time or another.
It's reassurance with words when someone just has to leave. It's a question of building TRUST.
"Direct Quotes" are quoted afterwards.

Title: Short Leave
4 Actors: A Dad(=Bram=Abraham), A small Girl=Star(Esther), An older Boy=Sam (Samuel), Mom (=Eva)
Setting: anywhere where a father (or mother) leaves a child or children for a while
Time: anytime in history, where there was a reunion

Act 1

Dad: In a little while you won’t see me anymore. Then in a little while you will see me again.
Star: Oh?
Dad: I will not leave you all alone. I WILL come back to you.
Samuel: Don't go!
Dad: I will see you again!
Star: Don't goooo!
Mommy: Cheer up!
You will cry because you are sad, but .... the world will be happy.

Act 2
Star: Waaa...waaaa
Mom: Why are you crying?
Bathroom? Food? Too cold? No?
Star: Waa.. waa (looking all around)
Sam: Who is it you are looking for?
Star: Dad.
Mom: Don't cry. Don't be afraid. (Jesus/angels of God)
Sam: Dad is coming back soon.
Mom said that he would.
And she told me where he had to go.
See? There he is!
Star: Dad came back! Dad came back.
Dad: You should have known I would!

The End

Jesus is always interested in us.
Here are the Bible references for some of the wordings in the Mini Play with some other information.

Jesus gave us words, which he said to a woman who was missing a very important friend.
"Why are you crying?"
"Direct Quote": from John 20:13 and 15
"Who is it you are looking for?"
"Direct Quote": from John 20:15

When he knew the problem,I'm sure he cleared up any misunderstanding quickly and gently. First he could have gotten her to listen the way he and the angels did often to their charges:
"Do not be afraid." - "Direct Quote" from various Bible stories.
Hab keine Angst. - German
Jesus could even reassure her the way he reassured the widow who was on her way burying her son with:
"Don't cry!" - "Direct Quote": Luke 7:13
Weine nicht. - German
He knew what he was going to do!
Then when she was ready to listen, he identified himself unmistakenly.
She went to tell those in the know with the news.
Didn't she know the words Jesus spoke to her friends before leaving?

Jesus said, "In a little while you won’t see me anymore. Then in a little while you will see me again." John 16:16
Es dauert noch eine kurze Zeit, und ihr werdet mich nicht mehr sehen. Dann wird wieder eine kurze Zeit vergehen, und ihr werdet mich wiedersehen. - German
He said, "I will not leave you all alone (as orphans). I WILL come back to you." John 14:18
Ich lasse euch nicht (wie Waisenkinder) allein, sondern weeerde zu euch zurück kommen. - German
He said, "I will see you again." John 16:22
Ich werde euch wiedersehen. - German
Jesus said, "Cheer up." John 16:33
Verliert nicht den Mut. - German
He said, "You will cry because you are sad, but the world will be happy." John 16:20
Ihr werdet jammern und weinen, aber...die Welt wird sich freuen. - German
Don't go. - Mark 8:26
Geh nicht. - German

I must (go)... - Luke 14:18
daß muß ich... - German
Please excuse me. Luke 14:18
Bitte entschuldige mich. - German

(T)here he is. Matt 24:26 Luke 17:23
(Can be adapted to: **(T)here she is.)
Er ist hier//dort/da. - German **Sie ist hier//dort/da.

John 14:19 Wenn ihr mich wirklich liebtet, würdet ihr euch freuen, daß ich ... gehe. - German
Please pray for those that are still afraid, even though they should be able to trust and be reassured that help is on the way.

To be adapted:
Other quotes: John 16....
? He tells us that in a little while we won’t see him. Then he tells us that in a little while we will see him again and that he’s going to the Father.” 18 So they were asking each other, “What does he mean when he says, ‘In a little while’? We don’t understand what he’s talking about.” 19 Jesus knew they wanted to ask him something. So he said to them, “Are you trying to figure out among yourselves what I meant when I said, ‘In a little while you won’t see me, and in a little while you will see me again’?
John 16:21 - , she doesn’t remember the pain anymore because she’s happy
John 16:22 - no one will take that happiness away from you.
John 16:23 - , you won’t ask me any more questions.