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Old enough? - "He's old enough!!!!"

Can there be an "He's old enough" missing person?
Just saying that a "missing" person is old enough does not take into consideration that we are all interdependent.

Ask him--he can answer for himself. John 9:21
French - Interrogez-le lui-mme. Il parlera de ce qui le concerne.
German - Fragt ihn, er wird selbst ber sich reden.
Italian - Chiedetelo a lui--parler lui di se stesso.
Portuguese - Perguntai-lho a ele mismo. Ele falar por si mesmo.
Spanish - Pregntenselo a l. Puede responder por s mismo.
Swedish - Frga honom. Han m sjlv tala fr sig.

He is old enough. He is of age. John 9:21+23
Il est assez grand. Il a de l'ge. - French
Er ist alt genug. Er ist mndig. - German
E' adulto. Ha l'et. - Italian
Tem idade. - Portuguese
Edad tiene. Ya es mayor de edad - Spanish
Han r gammal nog. - Swedish

The cured blind man said in a legal argument:
"Since the beginning of the world, nobody has ever heard of anyone giving sight to a person born blind."
"Direct Quote" John 9:32
French - Jamais on n'a entendu dire que quelqu'un ait ouvert les yeux d'un aveugle-n.
German - Noch nie, seit die Welt besteht, hat jemand einem Blindgeborenen das Augenlicht geschenkt.
Italian - Da che mondo mondo, non s' mai sentito dire che uno abbia aperto gli occhi a un cieco nato.
Portuguese - Desde o princpio do mundo nunca se ouviu que algum abrisse os olhos a um cego de nascena.
Spanish - Desde el principio no se ha odo decir que alguno abriese los ojos a uno que naci ciego.
Swedish - Aldrig frut har man hrt att ngon har ppnat gonen p en som fddes blind.

The cured blind man could make use of this argument, since he probably heard it so many times from his parents.

Since the beginning of some communities, all their blind people have had to beg. So why should the blind man have been different in this regard? Why indeed?

Sometimes--often in spite of beliefs and social conventions, disabled people have worked usefully or have been given useful work to earn their living when there were people of vision. These would not have to beg, especially where people walk along busy paths.

This particular blind beggar had to beg. Did his parents give up because they thought the situation was impossible or too difficult? It seems his parents said an excuse every time they were afraid to be expelled by friends, neighbours or others.
"He is old enough." "Ask him." "He can answer for himself."

Well, they thought he could not only ask and beg but look after himself too!

The parents were not the first to know the man was healed by obedience to a simple request at the "healing pool" by Jesus.
Go and wash (your face) in the pool of Siloam.Direct Quote: John 9:7
French - Va, et lave-toi.
German - Geh hin, wasche dich.
Italian - V a lavarti.
Portuguese - Vai, lava-te.
Spanish - Ve y lvate.
Sewdish - G och tv dig.

His neighbours and the people who saw him begging did.
The first question they asked him, after establishing his identity was:
"How is it that you can now see?" How were your eyes opened?
Direct Quote": John 9:10
French - Comment tes yeux ont-ils t ouverts?
German - Wieso kannst du denn pltzlich sehen?
Italian - Com' che hai recuperato la vista?
Portuguese - Como se te abriram os olhos?
Spanish - Cmo te fueron abiertos los ojos?
Swedish - Huru blevo d dina gon ppnade?
His parents seem to know only his basic information.
We know he is our son.
We know that he was born blind.
Direct Quote: John 9:20
French - Nous savons que c'est notre fils. Nous savons qu'il est n aveugle.
German - Wir wissen, da dieser unser Sohn ist. Wir wissen da er blind geboren ist.
Italian - Sappiamo che questo il nostro figlio. Sappiamo che nato cieco.
Portuguese - Sabemos que este o nosso filho. Sabemos que naseu cego.
Spanish - Sabemos que ste es nuestro hijo. Sabemos que naci ciego.
Swedish - Vi veta att denne r vr son. Vi veta att han fddes blind.

They had to find out later from one of these or their son, what the truth was. But they were still afraid.
"We do not know....who cured him."
"We do not know how it is that he is now able to see."
"Direct Quote": John 9: Portuguese - "Como agora v, no sabemos." "Ou quem lhe tenha aberto os olhos, no sabemos."

The Pharisees heard what happened. They assumed what fit into their agenda, didn't really listen to repeated explanation and expelled him.

His parents now had another important choice again. Would they side with their son and face expulsion too?

Let's pray for parents of a potential "blind", "begging" and "old enough" person to be able to see all his/her potential and train them for useful work.
Lord, make this type of parent bold, to be their child's advocate, so they don't give up looking for their "missing" person near the roads walked or near any healing pools.
Thank you for interested neighbours and people who ask more questions when they see obvious solutions to problems they can't solve.
Let us make the right decisions and face possible expulsion.
Let us be sought out and found too by Jesus, the Healer, in person to also say:
"I believe, Lord!" Direct Quote: John 9:38
French - Je crois, Seigneur.
German - Herr, ich glaube.
Italian - Io credo, Signore!
Portuguese - Creio Senhor.
Spanish - Creo, Seor.