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Amittai and Jonah - Jonah ran away!
Jonah ran away!

Jonah ran away!

"Go to Nineveh."

Pars pour Ninive. French
Alé lavil Niniv. Haitian
Vete a Nínive. Spanish
Geh nach Ninive. German
Va' a Ninive. Italian
Jonah 1:2/3:2
Jonah ran away...from the Lord!
Fr.-Jonas décida de fuir...loin du Seigneur!
Sp. - Se levantó Jonás huir...lejos de la presencia de Yavé.
German - Jona wollte dem Herrn entkommen.
It. - Giona non voleva saperne, e per fuggiare lontano dal Signore decise di andare... .
"Direct Quote": Jonah 1:3
Have you ever wondered if he told anyone where he was going? Did he particularly tell his father Amittai? He was supposed to go to Nineveh! Jonah was "missing" the moment he changed where Amittai expected him. Amittai wouldn't have known where his son was headed.
Did he let a key person or even anyone know that he really paid the fare to Tarshish to flee? A fare to the "ends of the world".
Did the only ones that knew more of his itinerary--namely the sailors who threw him overboard--alert others including Amittai by bragging or even admitting that?
Amittai, unless alerted, would not go looking for his son Jonah, if he was on the planned trip he was talking about.
And even with some or all the information, he would not know if he should look at all or where to start looking in Tarshish, Nineveh or on some deserted island.

It took a terrible storm,
public acknowledgement of the Creator, God of heaven,
a death threat certain to come about,
3 days and nights inside the fish,
a distress prayer from the depth of the grave/fish
before Jonah did not run away, but did God's plan to warn the populous city Nineveh of impending disaster.

God had compassion on this city however, because the king issued a proclamation:
("Direct Quote": Jonah 3: (8),9)
"Let everyone call urgently on God. -
Que chacun supplie Dieu de toutes ses forces. French
Que se vistan de saco y clamen a Dios insistentemente. Spanish
Menschen sollen laut zu Gott rufen. German
Let them give up their evil ways and their violence. -
Que chacun renonce aux mauvaises actions et à la violence dont il se rend coupable. French
Que cada uno se corrija de su mala conducta y de sus malas obras. Spanish
Jeder soll aufhören, Unrecht zu tun. German
Who knows? -
Peut-être... French
¿Quien sabe? Spanish
Vielleicht... German
God may yet relent and with compassion turn from his fierce anger so that we will not perish. -
Dieu ainsi changera d'avis, mettra fin à sa grande colère et ne nous fera pas mourir." French
Dios se arrepentirá y cambiará su orden de destrucción, de manera que no nos haga morir. Spanish
(Vielleicht) können wir seinen/Gottes schweren Zorn besänfigen, und er läßt uns am Leben. German
Well, God had compassion when they repented and did not bring on them destruction ....but Jonah was angry.
Did he just not like looking foolish?

The Lord asked,
"Have you any right to be angry?"
As-tu raison d'être en colère? French
Ki rézon ou gingnin pou ou faché konsa? Haitian
¿Crees tú que tienes razón para enojarte así? Spanish
Hast du ein Recht dazu, so zornig zu sein? German
Ti sembra giusto prendertela cosi? Italian
War inaad xanaaqdid ma ku wanaagsan tahay? Somali
Anong ikagagalit mo? Tagalog
Wat voor reden heb je om je kwaad te maken? Dutch
Je! unatenda vema kukasirika? Swahili
He mea pai ranei kia riri koe? Maori
"Direct Quote": Jonah 4:4 and 4:9
So let's urgently call on God about any Nineveh-types and/or runaways, so there will be God's compassion and argumentation for life.
Do you think God is concerned about us knowing the right hand from the left?
Should the Lord not be concerned? Rhetorical question, n'est-ce pas?

Lord God of Jonah, be with those who are like Amittai.
Be with those who are like Jonah--running, threatened and in darkness.
Show your countenance clearly. Show them exactly what to do.
Give us the right words with angry people.
Give us the warning yet encouraging words that help Nineveh-type people.
Help Jonah-types not despair.