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Selfish Justice- He pursued him for seven days and caught up with him!

Jacob was missing...for Laban!
Come Holy Spirit and help us with Genesis 31.
God had worked in Jacob's life. The Lord said to Jacob:
"Go back to the land of your fathers."Gen 31:3
Retourne au pays de tes parents. French
Vuélvete a tu patria. Spanish
Ritorna a casa di tuo padre. Italian
Kehre in das Land deiner Vorfahren zurück. German
After 3 days Laban pursued him for seven days and caught up with him in a place where he did not control everything!
God came to Laban in a dream:
"Be careful not to say anything to Jacob, either good or bad."Gen 31:24/29
Non litigare con Giacobbe, per nessun motivo! Italian
Cuidado con ponerte a discutir con Jacob. Spanish
Garde toi de faire quoi que ce soit à Jacob. French
Tu Jakob nichts an und bedrohe ihn auch nicht! German
They all assembled where both Laban's and Jacob's relatives could judge between the two of them. (31:37)
Laban said:
"Why did you run off secretly and deceive me?"Gen 31:27
Warum hast du dich heimlich davongemacht und mir nichts gesagt? German
Pourquoi t'es tu enfui en cachette et m'as tu ainsi trompé? French
¿Por qué has huido en secreto engañándome? ¿Por qué no me aviaste? Spanish
Perché sei fuggito di nascosto? Sei partito con inganno, senza farmelo sapere. Italian
He could have told Laban what he told Laban's daughters:
"I see that your father's attitude toward me is not what it was before."Gen 31:5
Ho notato che vostro padre non ha più verso di me l'atteggiamento di un tempo. Italian
Veo que el padre de ustedes no me mira con buenos ojos, como antes. Spanish
Ich merke genau, daß euer Vater mir nicht mehr so freundlich begegnet wie früher. German
Je m'aperçois que votre père n'a plus à mon égard la même attitude qu'auparavant. French
"Your father has cheated me by changing my wages 10 times."Gen 31:7
Pourtant il (votre père) m'a trompé en changeant dix fois mon salaire. French
Però lui mi ha ingannato: ha cambiato dieci volte la mia paga. Italian
Er hat mich betrogen und meinen Lohn immer wieder verändert. (Zehn Mal) German
Y que él se ha burlado de mí, cambiándome diez veces mi salario. Spanish
"God has not allowed him to harm me."Gen 31:7
Mais Dieu ne l'a pas laissé me faire du tort. French
Ma Dio no gli ha permesso di farmi del male. Italian
Aber Gott hat nicht zugelassen, daß er mir schaden konnte. German
Pero Dios no le ha permitido que me perjudicara. Spanish

But he said reasons like:
"This was my situation."
"I was afraid, because I thought you would take your daughters away from me by force."
"I have been with you for 20 years now."
"I bore the loss myself."

Laban tried out his objections:
"I could send you away with joy and singing to the music of tambourines and harps."
"You didn't even let me kiss my grandchildren and my daughters good-bye."
He also asked the reasonable question:
"Why did you steal my gods?"

Jacob let Laban look everywhere for them. He did not find them with one of his daughters.

but angry Jacob also asked:
"What is my crime?"
"What sin have I committed that you hunt me down?"
and he asserted:
If The God of my father,...had not been with me, you would surely have sent me away empty-handed."

Laban did not agree with Jacob. He thought that nothing really belonged to Jacob.
"All you see is mine." Gen 31:43
Tudo o que você está vendo é meu. Portuguese
Tou sa ou ouè la-a, sé pou mouin you yé. Haitian
Tout ce que tu vois m'appartient. French
Alles, was du hier siehst, ist mein Eigentum. German
Alles hier is van mij! Dutch
If you could see daughters and children, he even claimed them. So he agreed with Jacob in a roundabout way that he would have been sent home empty-handed.

They agreed to disagree and so made a boundary agreement between themselves.
Jacob offered a sacrifice, had a meal with "his" own relatives and spent an uneventful night there.
The next day, Laban magniminously kissed and blessed his grandchildren and his daughters.
Then Laban returned home.

And Jacob had to face returning home too.
He had been missing before....for Esau, his brother.
His mother and father knew where he was, but they did not particularily tell Esau, because they were afraid of Esau's anger at being cheated out of his birthright.
Esau found out, but instead of going after Jacob, he defied his mother and did what Rebekah feared most.
Esau must have also known that she had a part in the loss of his birthright.
So Esau married another wife,...who would make his mother's life "disgusting to live".
Rebekah doesn't seem to have seen her "missing" son again, before she died or he returned, as she is not mentioned in meeting Jacob upon his return from Laban.

Lord, help us be truly fair with "birthrights". Help us give life giving individual blessings to all our children.
Let us not favour one, so that that one ends up "banished" or sent away. Let us find solutions, so that we never have "to send children" away.
Jesus help us love you to find out and live our heart's desires that you have written in our hearts, so that anyone will not ever be victim's of their worst fears.

We thank you, Lord, for every person who does not send anyone away empty-handed after working fairly.
We thank you for long and short work term positions, so that people can earn their living.
Help people to find God's way out in unfair situations, to find a place of fair "agreement".
Help any "missing" person be safe, ready to defend truth, so that they end up not being "missing" for people willing to be "agreeable". Amen.