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Tomb HIding - Ahikar Forced into Hiding.

Forced into Hiding in a Tomb

The Story of Ahikar – from the Book of Tobit (Apocrypha)
As told by Tobit on his deathbed to Tobias, his son.
He said, “Remember what Nadab did to Ahikar his own uncle who had brought him up.”
Tobit knew that Tobias would not forget their own story!

Yes, all of you learn about the story of Tobit's hiding and of Ahikar,
Who was in charge of all the financial affairs of an empire,
But who was forced into HIDING in a tomb by his adopted son Nadab.

“When did he live? During the reign of 3 emperors - Starting with Shalmaneser who was emperor of Assyria.
Sennacherib succeeded him. He was assasinated by two of his sons, who escaped to the mountains. (They HID in the mountains of Ararat.)
A different son, Esarhaddon, became emperor.
(Tobit's son Tobias lived to see King Cyaxares of Media take Nineveh captives.)

Where was the action? Mainly in Nineveh!

– From Thisbe, northern Galilee, in Naphtali, became a captive, deported to Assyria, living in Nineveh, respected by Shalmaneser, put in charge of purchasing all the emperor’s supplies, business trips to Media, left money with Gabael, Sennacherib succeeded the emperor and it became not safe to go to Media, new emperor cursed God, he killed Israelites, Tobit buried “outlaw” bodies, then Tobit’s life was in danger. He ran away and HID. What he owned was seized. He had his family left– Anna and son Tobias. Tobit became blind; his family was supported by Ahikar for two years. Praised God throughout. Sent his son to collect money in safekeeping. Son went “missing” for his parents, during the time when he found a wife. Tobit's wife was very worried. She watched the road! But the son did come back with new wife. Was headled of Bblindness at 62.
Tobit lived with wife, son Tobias and daughter-in-law Sarah in Nineveh until his death (112). Warned his son to move his family to Media, quoting the prophet Nahum and with Ahikar's story. Honourable burial for Tobit.

– Tobit’s wife – probably hid with her husband. (Where?) Died after husband. Honourable burial.

– Tobit’s son – probably hid with his parents. (Where?)
Went to collect money, delegated that job, got married in Media, was aware of parents worrying and came back to them.
Tobias moved his family to Media after parent’s death to live with parents-in-law, heard about destruction of Nineveh, saw King Cyaxares take Nineveh people captive! Praised God throughout. (Extrapolation - Tobias had know-how to help captives when they arrived in Media! God had prepared him to be a leader!)

– Tobias’wife and only daughter for her parents, Raguel and Edna. They were related to Tobit’s family, but were living in Media.

(Servant girl accuser in Media - was she dismissed and therefore "missing" because she taunted Sarah, when all this was happening? or was she forgiven, similar fate to Tobit and Anna, and still in touch when this was happening?)

– Tobit’s brother, father of Ahikar (When Ahikar was in HIDING, was he hiding himself? Can we guess at his story?)

- Tobit’s nephew
1st appointment – Under Sennacherib – Ahikar had been wine steward, treasurer, accountant, in charge of the official seal
2nd appointment – Under Esarhaddon – Appointed second time to this position. (He was in charge of all the financial affairs of the empire.)
Ahikar put in a good word for Tobit with the emperor, so he could come out of HIDING.
Ahikar had given generously to the poor.
He had shown concern for others.
When Tobit was blind (4 years altogether), Ahikar supported Tobit’s family for two years before he went to the land of Elam. Ahikar escaped the deadly trap Nadab, his nephew set for him. Ahikar came back out of hiding into the light of day.
(When he was young, was he old enough to come as captive from the Naphtali area with Tobit? He lived in Nineveh, went to the land of Elam (Was Elam the place of exile from exile? If yes, he came back from there to Nineveh.)

- Ahikar’s nephew, adopted by him
He tried to kill his uncle, thereby forcing him to go into HIDING in a tomb. God sent Nadab down into everlasting darkness for what he had done.
He had treated other unjustly.
Nadab had set a deadly trap for his uncle.
But he, himself, fell into it. “Death awaits those who treat others unjustly.”
(Maybe Nadab aligned himself with the God-cursing Sennacherib.
Did he want to have Ahikar’s position with the emperor?
Did he betray his great-uncle Tobit, since he would have known "the secret" that would bring Tobit's disgrace? Tobit didn't know who betrayed him. “Someone from Nineveh told the emperor that I (Tobit) was the one who had been burying his (Sennacherib’s) victims.”)

The relationships: (Mixed up on this webpage.)
In the tribe of Naphtali
In the clan of Ariel (>means “was father of”)
Raguel >Raphael>Gabael>Aduel>Ananiel>Tobiel>Tobit+ (brother)Anael

Tobit + Anna Raguel +Edna Anael (Nineveh)

Tobias + Sarah Ahikar

Children Nadab (adopted)

Tobit must have had believing ancestors.
All had –el at end.
Three generations had Tob__ as names.
No “–el”.
Was carrying an –el name dangerous?

Lord Jesus Christ, teach us. Teach us about final advice given by people when they die. Lord, you look after people in the palace, like Moses and Ahikar; and you look after people in hiding, like Moses in Midian and Ahikar among the tombs. Lord, forgive those close to us, who betray.
Give people satisfying life-work that they do not want to envy anyone. Thank you, Lord, that you are the just God.
That you forgive us. Thank you for those that put in a good word for others. Be with people in the times when they realize they are in immediate danger. Let no things make people stay then. Every situation is in your hands. Lord, you have your everlasting arms under us, so we don't fall.
You call us by name and you restore lives - Moses as leader and Ahikar, who came out of hiding into the light.

We put before you those that commit coups and go into hiding.

We pray for family members of hiding people, who may end up in hiding themselves. We pray for those who have respect and decency regarding the dead. We pray for those who help victims, from becoming victims themselves. Lord, have people help those in hiding, because they are "missing" to someone.

Lord, you know the situations of those hiding; give them comfort, especially comfort of the spirit.