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Running after - "Oh, Gehazi, my servant..where have you been?"

Gehazi, Elisha's servant, had just been "missing" a short time.

He had run after Naaman who had offered a fortune to Elisha. Elisha had accepted nothing personally for a thank you.
"My master was too easy on Naaman, by not accepting from him what he brought."
Mon maītre n'a rien voulu accepter de ce que Naaman...lui offrait. - French
2 Kings 5:20
"As surely as the Lord lives, I will run after him and get SOMETHING from him."
Aussi vrai que le Seigneur est vivant, je vais le rattraper et obtenir quelque chose de lui! - French
So gewiß der Herr lebt: ich laufe hinterher und hole das nach. - German
2 Kings 5:20
Gehazi had run after him and lied.
He had received 2 talents of silver and sets of clothing.
He knew it was wrong, so he hid this in his house.

-"Where have you been, Gehazi?"
D'oł viens tu, Guéhazi? - French
Woher kommst du, Gehasi? - German
2 Kings 5: 25
-"Your servant didn't go anywhere."
Je ne suis allé nulle part. - French
Ich (der Diener) war doch nicht weg. - German
2 Kings 5:25
Like Naaman Elisha must have asked:

-"Is everything all right?"
Que se passe-t-il? (What's going on?) - French
Es ist doch nichts passiert? (Nothing happened, right?)- German
2 Kings 5:21
He would have lied again.

-"Everything is all right."
Tout va bien. (Everything is going well.) - French
Nein. (No.) - German
2 Kings 5:22
Elisha tried again.

Elisha asked Gehazi about why he thought that Elisha hadn't gone out to see Naaman in person, when he first came to ask for help.
Why indeed? He told him that he was too angry to talk to a man who took captives against their will away from their families.
He said that it would have been difficult to tell him how to receive a cure. (He was with him in Spirit!)

Elisha pointed out that money could come in handy for them, but that he expected that Naaman would use his riches to free all the captives taken during his raids.
And that setting the captives free would take his co-operation and money. Money to buy their freedom. He might even be in need of the 2 talents of silver Gehazi had taken. He might even need the clothing Gehazi took to clothe the captives he found to be freed.

Elisha said:
"Was not my spirit, the spirit of the Lord, with you when the man got down from his chariot to meet you?"
Crois-tu que je n'ai pas pu voir en esprit cet homme qui sautait de son char et venait ą toi? - French
Ich war im Geist dabei, als der Mann von seinem Wagen stieg und dir entgegenging! - German
2 Kings 5:26
"Is this the time to take money, or to accept clothes, olives groves, vineyards, flocks, herds or menservants and maidservants?"
Ce n'est pas le moment d'accepter de beaux habits, et encore moins de l'argent pour acquérir des oliviers et des vignes, du gros et du petit bétail, des serviteurs et des servantes. - French
Dies ist nicht der Augenblick, Geld und Festkleider anzunehmen oder sich Olivenhaine und Weingärten, Schafe und Rinder, Sklaven und Sklavinnen zuzulegen. - German
2 Kings 5:26
'Is this the time to accept ANYTHING, when captives could be FREED? Naaman is in the position of power!!! He may be able to get information and pull strings and have our enslaved people be free. Would you jeopardize family reunification? Would you deny girls and boys the chance to find their parents?

Oh, Gehazi...The truth is missing here!...I can't keep you from the consequences by praying to the Lord to take those away,...unless you repent. I will pray to the Lord, to not leave you alone, but to show you again and again how you can do that...the Lord can change your situation again.

The Lord will help the captives who were captured by Naaman and his soldiers. What are their names? I can't even remember Naaman's wife's servant girl's name.
Naaman is a changed man--I'm sure he will ask questions to return those that were taken. Where are they all now? Only the people on the pathway to captivity know. Naaman, his soldiers, the benefactors and the captives themselves. And I will know, if the Spirit reveals this information to me.

'Oh, Gehazi, listen to me!
This is not yet the end. I say it again:
Tell the truth and
"the truth will set you free."
"Direct Quote": John 8:32 -
French - La vérité nous rendra libres.
Albanian - E vėrtetė do t' ju bėjė njerėz tė lirė.
God will let you know what to do. Don't burden your children and your grandchildren! This promise extends to your descendants too. When they set captives free, they will be free themselves.'
"God is love."
"Direct Quote": 1 John 4:16 -
French - Dieu est amour.
Albanian - Hyu ėschtė Dashuri.
German - Gott ist Liebe.
Oh, Lord, help us repent, tell the truth and to set "captives free".
Help those whose names we can't remember, those whose names we should know and those we are praying for.
Lord, help us when like Naaman, we suspect or find out our gifts were acquired by lying.
Lord, help Gehazi-type people repent and keep them from despair.
Lord, we thank you for all Elisha's servants who did not run after Naaman too.
Jesus, you said that you speak the truth. You said:
"I tell you the truth."
John 8:34 -
Albanian - Pėr tė vėrtetė po ju them.
Jesus, you said in your prayer to the Father:
"Your word is the truth."
John 17:17 -
Albanian - Fjala jote ėshtė e vėrteta.

The Holy Spirit is the truth.
1 John 5:6 -
Albanian - Shpirti Shenjt ėshtė e vėrteta.
So send your Holy Spirit and fill the hearts of your faithful.
Shpirti Shenjt.....Eja! Zbulesa 22:17

English - Holy Spirit....Come!
Elisha could see what Gehazi did...with the help of the Spirit.
Lord, give us Elisha's power, if and when we need it.