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Missing or hiding?

Missing or hiding?

You are free to....
"Direct Quote": Genesis 2:16
Italian - Puoi...
German - Du darfst...
French - Tu peux...
Spanish - Puedes....
but you must not.....!
"Direct Quote": Genesis 2:17
Italian - ma non...
German - nur nicht...
French - sauf (de ce qui)....
Spanish - menos....
Adam and Eve hid from the Lord God among the trees.
Ha, kind of hard to hide! Bushes maybe, but trees?
Hopeless hiding, wouldn't you say?

God: Where are you?
"Direct Quote": Genesis 3:9
Italian - Dove sei?
German - Wo bist du?
French - Où es-tu?
Spanish - ¿Dónde estás?
Adam: I heard you. I was afraid....because I hid.
"Direct Quote": Genesis 3:10
Italian - Ho udito...ho avuto paura...perché sono......mi sono nascosto.
German - Ich hörte dich... Ich bekam Angst. Weil ich....., versteckte ich mich.
French - Je t'ai entendu...j'ai eu peur. me suis caché. (masc.; fem.-cachée)
Spanish - Oí tu....tuve miedo. Porque estoy.....por eso me escondí.
God: Who told you?
"Direct Quote": Genesis 3:11
Italian - Chi ti ha fatto sapere?
German - Wer hat dir das gesagt?
French - Qui t'a appris que ....?
Spanish - ¿Quién te ha hecho ver....?
What is it you have done?
"Direct Quote": Genesis 3:13
Italian - Che cosa hai fatto?
German - Warum hast du das getan?
French - Pourquoi as-tu fait cela?
Spanish - ¿Qué es lo que has hecho?
First they both blamed someone else. But they finally admitted.

I... ate it.
"Direct Quote": Genesis 3:12;13
Italian - Io...l'ho mangiato.
German - Da habe ich ...gegessen.
French - J'(en )ai mangé.
Spanish - Comí.
They and others surely had to live with the conseqences!
Please pray for all those looking for people who are hiding because they are afraid and ashamed.
Pray for those who know they have done something wrong, are hiding to be found and would admit to their wrongdoing.
Pray for all things to work out for good with the consequences.