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That person is evil. Is the parent to blame?

In each case when someone is evil, questions are asked.
Could the parent have done something better?

If parents "curse" God, then there are consequences into the generations. Pray about repentance, forgiveness, family blessings for each person and the peace that passes all understanding of our Loving Father in Heaven.

If a parent loves and worships God, such as Moses' own brother, the priest Aaron, the children can turn out evil or good. The key is that the children have their own choices to make in life. They have their own free will.
2 of Aaron's children did evil in the sight of the Lord.
And 2 others did good in the sight of the Lord. He was the same parent!!

Had Aaron prayed for his children? He seemed to have been too busy with his "godly" job. He was sure to have argued with God for the remaining children... He must have warned them like the good parents modeled in Proverbs that said to their offspring, "Listen to me, my child..." giving cautionary examples. He must have said to his children to teach his grandchildren about God's ways early, even when they would only sit upon the parents' knees.
Lord, we put before you all those that want to blame themselves and those that want to blame specific persons or actions. Forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors! Lord Jesus Christ make your plans known to our loved ones, so that they can choose you and your ways wisely.