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Everyone has many choices about work--to be a workaholic, to earn a decent living, to be lazy....

We all need shelter, leisure and work spaces. We can do this work and do beautiful things for God.

But...there are cautionary tales...In 1 Kings 16:34 in AHAB's time, there are "Missing" children because of a Workaholic parent--who put work first and last. But children are not the only victims....Abiram, the firstborn, others and Segub, the youngest and their potential descendants throughout history are "missing" to the world because of Hiel of Bethel.
Hiel wanted to rebuild up Jericho, after Joshua, son of Nun spoke the word of the Lord against rebuilding that city. See Joshua 6:26

He offered his firstborn to his idols for the foundation.
He must have offered his second-born for the walls.
He sacrificed the love of his wife for something else.
He misvalued the other relationships of his life.
He offered the youngest son and the only one left, who could have been the apple of his eyes, for the finishing touches of "his" model city which were the gates of the city that were planned to be dazzling. Hiel gave his ALL for the wrong cause.
Hiel gave his all
"at the cost of _____". (1 Kings 16:34)
kostede det ______ - Danish
aux prix de ____ - French
um den Preis von ______ - German
al precio de ______ - Spanish

What a price to pay to idols!
What horrible price to pay for misplaced goals.

However, if a person builds the house or the city within God's plan, that is good. God and people are very much important, not just the builder's self and his idols. Foundations have to be built, walls are built, roofs and gates too. That takes time, but the Lord does not require the sacrifice of children or spouse....we know that. Children and spouse can thank God for the work and have deep respect for the builder. A foundation can be built for newly-weds in God's plan. The walls for the man, the kitchen for the woman, the roof for all....each one can also provide the know-how according to their talents. The water supply by the engineer among the relatives and friends who learned from others, the gardener in the family to supplement the diet and for beauty....the shoemaker can make the shoes for the engineer...

The worker is worth his keep. Matthew 10:10
L'operaio ha diritto di ricevere quel che gli Ŕ necessario. - Italian
L'ouvrier a droit Ó sa nourriture. - French
El que trabaja tiene derecho a comer. - Spanish
This is what Jesus said in Matthew.

A worker needs the proper tools, materials, direction, food to live, shelter....and satisfaction to put his "trade"mark on his/her work.

Lord Jesus, the Messiah, we put before you those who are tempted by idols and those that have paid dearly to idols. Show your dazzling "white as snow"--"brilliant as the sun" countenance and "eyes of blazing fire" to them, especially at "their" darkest hour, so they can still choose you.

Help us so we contribute to the greater good of all.
Help us do what we ought, even if we are doing things with trepidation.
We thank you for good builders, good landlords, good renters, good owners, good managers, good maintenance people, good money managers, good materials, good architects and planners, good site choosers and others who are involved with providing shelter. Help improve the rest. Help those who are "workaholics" too. Send good helpers. Help people who think they are indispensable, delegate. Help perfectionists know when they have done what is "good enough". Help those who think others can't do the job well or fast enough. Help workaholics identify your plan. Help them deal with and find your purpose even in the necessary repetitive, routine and mundane tasks of any job. Instruct them in organization and streamlining. Help them repent, work their share, build and rebuild good relationships, sleep, relax, smile, have good fun. Let them whistle and sing, especially while they work. Amen