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Jesus was alone in the wilderness. Every person was missing to him. But the Spirit led him and was with him.

He fasted.

Satan came to be with him.
Satan offered the easy way out. He offered Jesus what was rightfully his already!

Jesus quoted back scripture that he had hidden in his heart and resisted temptation. He could feel the hidden attack.

Jesus safeguarded his energy. He did not run around and around during the noon sun, for instance.

He knew how to stop inner and outer upheaval too to survive confronting evil by being calm and still. He knew God, His Heavenly Father.

Only God can say:
Be still (all of you) and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10 (sometimes in 11)
Arrŕtez, et sachez que je suis Dieu. - French
H÷rt auf und erkennt, da▀ ich Gott bin! - German
Fermatevi e riconoscete che io sono Dio. - Italian
Estad quietos y conoced que yo soy Dios. - Spanish)

When God speaks, Satan has to obey these words that are not a request but a command in his case.

He left him.
The devil left him. Matthew 4:11
Le diable le laissa. - French
Der Teufel verlie▀ ihn. - German
Il diavolo lo lasci˛. - Italian
El diablo lo dejˇ. - Spanish

Angels came and ministered to him. Matthew 4:11
Des anges vinrent et le servaient. - French
Engel kamen herbei und dienten ihm. - German
Angeli gli si accostarono e lo servivano. - Italian
Vinieron ßngeles y lo servÝan. - Spanish

He had what he needed.
Jesus was "led out" by the Spirit after 40 days and nights to begin his Ministry.

There were other Bible heros who were "led out" of their wilderness...Moses, Hagar...

There were those that were fed supernaturally...with manna, or by ravens... some were just about to give up...yet they cried out,...they found their way and...found their way to minister.

Lord Jesus, thank you for being our mentor. Teach us how to resist temptation and how to live through our days in the desert to get to our promised land. Amen.