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Hailstorm Soon?

Moses had prophesied A HAILSTORM.

Everyone including the SLAVES had witnessed 7 plagues already! Everyone knew that Moses had said: 'Bring your livestock and "EVERYTHING YOU OWN" in the field to shelter or they will die. (Exodus 9:19)

What could the SLAVES do to save their lives?
Many thought of their own solutions, depending on the type of master...

a) They could have made their masters very afraid reminding them of THE WORD OF THE LORD (spoken through Moses), and what happened to the previous plagues, so they would keep them inside.

b) They could have pleaded to be sold to another slave owner who was Hebrew or had stated that he would keep his slaves and livestock inside. They would have to argue with their master with arguments that would make sense to them. "You may loose me, if Moses is right again. If you sell me, you'll have at least the money--to buy me back or another slave."

c) They could pretend they were sick and end up staying inside during the hailstorm.

d) They could have asked for a different inside job during the hailstorm, such as doing the master's wife's hair.

e) They could have arranged to be in a rough shelter in the field, while still watching the lifestock.

f) They could asked to be sent on an errand to Goshen.

g) They could have found natural shelters, such as caves or fallen trees, at the "edge of the fields" before the hailstorm.


What could "others" who believed in Moses' WORDS OF THE LORD do? Many thought of different ways to help.

a) The wife of a slave owner who FEARED the WORD OF THE LORD could have asked to have slaves work for her inside to do spring cleaning for the whole time of the hailstorm.

b) Others could have urged the slaves to build temporary shelters in the fields, if they didn't have one AND to use it.

c) The people of "softer" hearts could have persuaded the hardened owners to sell the slaves to them.


"Those officials of Pharaoh who FEARED the WORD OF THE LORD HURRIED to bring their SLAVES and their livestock inside."
Exodus 9:20
They SAVED the lives of their slaves. These did not die from the 8th plague. They did not go "missing" to LIFE itself.

"But those (Pharaoh's officials) who IGNORED the WORD OF THE LORD left their SLAVES and livestock in the field."
Exodus 9:21
Only the slaves, who found NO shelter and were exposed to the worst hailstorm in Egypt died and were "missing" to LIFE ON EARTH. (Exodus 9:23-26)

What about the slaves who IGNORED the WORD OF THE LORD? They had a chance to repent when they realized they were dying. The WORD OF THE LORD says he is MERCIFUL to sinners who repent.

If the slaves, like Lazarus, tried "everything" to live because they believed in the WORD OF THE LORD, and yet died on EARTH, they were not to be dead in HEAVEN. God is MERCIFUL to those who turn to HIM.
Lord God in Heaven, Thank you for showing us this story of HOPE. Bless all those who read it and ponder on it. Bless the "slaves" of today who LISTEN to the WORD OF THE LORD and do not ignore it for LIFE itself. Show them a way to be "saved" not just in spirit, but in body and mind too.

We thank you for what you are going to do. Let the slave guards "NOT HARM THEMSELVES" either. Let them be assured that "we are all here."
Let the Holy Spirit, who is the TRUTH, save.