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A voice was heard...they are no more.
Detail - La Strage degli Innocenti - Matteo di Giovanni ~1435-1495
Detail - La Strage degli Innocenti - Matteo di Giovanni ~1435-1495

The missing innocents....
Kill all the boys....let all the girls live?

Systematic killings sanctioned by the government-who can escape?

Herod realized that he had been outwitted by the Magi. Matt 2:16
"Direct Quote": Matt 2:16
He had enough information for his murderous purposes.
1) There was a young boy destined to be king.
2) He was born in Bethlehem in the last year.

What more did he need.
He would never do the deed himself. No, he delegated, so he would not have to see the terrible results.
He may have tried to have his officials access who was registered with the census. Well, that was unreliable.
Many newborns wouldn't have been born yet!

He wanted to be sure. Give orders to be on the safe side.
Kill all the boys in Bethlehem and ITS VICINITY who were two years old and under.
"Direct Quote": Matt 2:16
Two years old, that should be more than enough.

God's warning dreams....Seeing soldiers approach the village...secret warnings by those in the palace...
Quick decisions to leave had to be made by those that chose an unknown safety.

Then soon this village had no way out. Zealous soldiers. Soldiers threatened with death themselves if they were not ruthless.

"A voice is heard."
First a baby's voice. Then weeping and mourning.
Did they let the girls live?
Mothers were weeping for their children.
The soldiers would not want to make a mistake.
No time to check the diapers? Uugh. Who would want that job?

The only hope lay with God.
Mothers were refusing to be comforted.
The babies were all no more. At least that was what the people heard and wrote down. Even in this situation God can comfort and give forgiveness and hope!

Lord, why? Did these particular mothers not hear any warning dreams by your angels? Had all those who listened already left in a great hurry, like Mary and Joseph with Jesus? Were there soldiers whose hearts were softened to save a baby here or there after all? Did even one check a diaper?

Why did the prophet Jeremiah prophecy this situation? Did Mary and Joseph leave some of the gifts that are used for joyous and mourning occasions so the innocents could be buried with respect?

Lord, comfort the parents who refuse to be comforted by people. Let no perpetrator benefit from this type of despicable act. Let voices of justice ring out. Send wisdom with warning angels and let the Holy Spirit intercede when words fail us. Amen.

Cross ref: Joseph's Sleep
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