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I'm sitting here at the bottom of this dry well...who would know?

'I'm sitting here at the bottom of this dry well...who would know?
No one but my brothers, the perpetrators, would know!'

Joseph did sit on the bottom of a dry well. He could hear his brothers eat meat nearby as well as their discussion as to what to do with him.
If they left to go away, it was not likely that anyone would come to a dry well! Looking in a dry well would be stupid!

The arguments went back and forth...leaving Joseph to die slowly was not an option.
If he didn't know already, Joseph found out that his brothers envied him. He found out that they thought he was a dreamer.

In a cistern,...there, in dry times Joseph sat, nursing his wounds from being thrown down by people he trusted.
Wasn't there even one brother who loved him and wanted to help him?
How about Reuben? Wasn't he always just!
But Joseph couldn't hear him. Had he left?
Joseph pondered about Reuben urging his brothers only a short while ago:
"Let's not take his life!"
Genesis 37:21
after they had said:
"Let's kill him!"
Genesis 37:20

'I was so distressed and I kept pleading with them for my life!'
(Genesis 42:21)

Reuben suggested instead:
"Throw him into this cistern."
"But don't lay a hand on him."
Genesis 37: 22

"Let's not lay our hands on him;...after all he is our brother, our own flesh and blood."
Genesis 37:27

Judah suggested:
"Come, let's sell him."
Genesis 37:27

Instead of asking as before:
"What will we gain if we kill our brother?"
Genesis 37:27
The question became:
'What will we gain?'

The answer was:
"20 shekels"

So that's what I am worth... thought Joseph as he was being sold.
'20 shekels!'

'I am here in a caravan going somewhere. Who would know?
The caravan people, but they often speak their own tongue!
What's happening to me?'

They are treating me fairly well. They have not laid a hand on me.

He watched as he was sold again.
'Yes!' Joseph said to himself. 'They said too, 'Come, let's sell him."
And they too said, 'What will we gain?'

'What am I worth this time? A wealthy man bought me, I can see that, just by looking at what he is wearing!
What does that mean? When will I understand? When will I understand Egyptian?'

This man is treating me fairly well. He has not laid a hand on me.

What AM I valuable for? What am I, a dreamer, valuable for? What does he see in me?

Well, I must ask the Lord, our God. What should I do?
Well, how would I like to be treated, if I were this influential man?
I would like someone who would work to allow me to do other things. I would like someone whom I could trust.
And I wouldn't want to be envied ANY MORE!!! Lord, how do I do that?

'I am now here in Potiphar's house. Who would know?
Potiphar and his family. The caravan sellers. That's about it.'

What about my father? What have they told him. Does he know I am missing? Does he think that I am dead?
Abba, our spiritual father in heaven, be father to those that are missing, but are "not missed" for various reasons.
Give graces to those that find out how negatively others think of them.
Keep those that are being threatened from being killed.
Keep those that are "sold" from being harmed.
Lord, send advocates who do not want to do what wicked people want to do.
Let them be very persuasive that only good will come out of a "time in the well."
Help those that are envious, deal with their envy in truly non-destructive ways.
Help those that are in other countries for "economic reasons" learn the languages they need quickly.
Help those who are "missing" deal with wondering about everything.
Thank you that we are all needed in this world.
Thank you that there are benefactors who need us in this world. Amen.