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Savestin D. Engl./Bulgarian Multilingual
Missing - SAVESTIN D. - age enhanced to about  2004   -  Please look at younger view  below
Missing - SAVESTIN D. - age enhanced to about 2004 - Please look at younger view below

СЪВЕСТИН Деянов - SAVESTIN Deyanov has been missing from Sofia, Bulgaria/България since May 6 or 7, 1997 when he was 8 years old. He may be in a different country under a different name, speaking a different language now. He himself, witnesses or friends may access a computer and contact his father.

Do (any of) you know SAVESTIN, Tedor Deyanov's son?
(adapted from Genesis 29:5)

Познавате ли СЪВЕСТИН,
Тодор Деянов(ов) ия син? - Bulgarian

Connaissez-vous SAVESTIN, fils de Tedor Deyanov? - French
Kennt ihr SAVESTIN, den Sohn Tedor Deyanovs? - German
Eske nou konnen SAVESTIN, pitit Tedor Deyanov a? - Haitian
Conoscete voi SAVESTIN, figlio di Tedor Deyanov? - Italian
E mohio ana ianei koutou ki a SAVESTIN, tama a Tedor Deyanov? - Maori
┐Conocen a SAVESTIN, el hijo de Tedor Deyanov? - Spanish
Cßc anh cˇ biết SAVESTIN, con trai Tedor Deyanov, chăng? - Vietnamese

Savestin's webpage - includes information in at least 17 languages
They are: Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Greek, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Swedish!

Тодор С. Деянов:
Къде си, СЪВЕСТИН, сине мой?

Todor S. Deyanov:
Where are you, SAVESTIN, my son?


*English - Where are you, my son?
░ Where are you?
¬ My son, _____.

*Albanian - Ku je, biri im?
* Arabic -
(where are you?) أَيْنَ أَنْتَ؟ , (My son,) يَاابْنِي (man speaking to man)
*Afrikaans - Waar is jy, my seun?
*Armenian - Ո՛ ըդեակ իմ ՝ ո՞ ւը ես - O edjeak im, o ue jes? (Confirm)
*Bulgarian/Български - Къде си, Сине мой?
*Chinese traditional - 你 在 那 裡, 我 兒?
░Chinese simplified - 你 在 那 里, 我 儿?
¬Croatian - Sine moj, _____.
*Czech - Kde× jsi, můj synu.
*Danish - Hvor er du, min s°n?
*Dutch - Waar ben je, mijn zoon?
*English - Where are you, my son?
Farsi - For the Farsi words among others: See version/Farsi e-book Bible/click Genesis and find 3:9. Or ask a Farsi person to help you.
*French - Où es-tu, mon fils?
*German - Wo bist du, mein Sohn?
*Georgian - შვილო, სადა ხარ? - Shvilo, sada xar?
░Greek - Πού είσαι?
*Haitian - Kote ou ye, pitit mwen?
Hebrew - 'ay (Where?) Help add the whole question, please.
¬Hiligaynon - Anak ko, ______. (from Philipines)
░Hindi - Too kahan haai?
*Hungarian - Hol vagy, fiam?
*Icelandic - Hvar ertu? Hvar ert þú, sonur minn?
*Italian - Dove sei, figlio mio?
░Japanese - どこにいるのか。 - Doko ni i runo ka?
░Malayalam - Nii evide enu chodichhu?
*Maori - E taku tama, kei hea koe?
*Norwegian - Hvor er du, min s°nn?
Persian - see Farsi for instructions
*Polish - Gdzie jesteś, synu mˇj?
*Portuguese - Onde estás, filho meu?
*Romanian - Unde ewti, fiul meu?
*Russian - где ты, Сын мой?
¬Slovenian - Syn m˘j, ____.
¬Somali - Wiilkaygiiyow, ______.(shorter when not addressing)
*Spanish - ¿Dónde estás, hijo mio?
¬Swahili - Mwanangu, _____.
¬Swahili - Mwana yangu, _____.
*Swedish - Var är du, min son?
¬Tagalog - Anak ko, _____. (Philipines)
*Turkish - Neredesin, oğlum.
*Vietnamese - Ngươi ở đâu, hỡi con?
*Zulu - Uphi na, ndodana yami?

Please pray that this question from God's Word in Genesis 3:9 will help find Savestin and other missing people. Please help us add this question in more languages in honour of Savestin!

The webpage states that the kidnapped Savestin could be and should be traced down predominately in the following countries: Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, Iran, Algeria, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Argentina.
The child has most probably passed the Cyprus and Israeli borders, or (through) Romanian, Hungarian and Dutch territories.

To include the main languages from these countries that are named, we still need to add the completed Hebrew wording to the "Where are you?" list.
Savestin -

The spot (mole) on his skin is dark.
Distinguishing mark: 3mm spot, dark-colored, left side - of his hip
- English

Il y a sur la peau du corps une tache de couleur foncée.
Son signe: 3mm tache, de couleur foncée, sur le côté gauche - de la hanche - French

Der Flecken (Muttermal) auf der Haut ist dunkel.
Sein Kennzeichen: 3mm Flecken, dunkelfarbig, auf der linken Seite - an seiner Hüfte - German

Help us add more languages to describe Savestin's destinguishing marks. Bible references for the words in ID - mole/birthmark in the menu list.
Where are you? - Genesis 3:9
My son, _____. - Hebrews 12:5

  • Savestin in 1997 <br>- 8 years old.
    Savestin in 1997
    - 8 years old.