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See the dead - Why DO you seek the living among the dead?

Many have called the police or hospital when a loved one is missing a few hours too long. Some end up searching at morgues or similar places for someone who has been missing far too long. Why do you seek them in a hospital or with the police?
"Why DO you seek the living among the dead?"
Luke 24:5
Pourquoi cherchez-vous parmi le morts celui qui est vivant? French
¿Por qué buscan entre los muertos al que vive? Spanish
Was sucht ihr den Lebenden bei den Toten? - German
Pse e kërkoni të Gjallin ndër të vdekur? - Albanian
A crying parent of a missing child often fears the worst.
Others may say, relieved, and maybe even with glee:
"My son is alive and your son is dead." 1Ki3:22; while others can say it in other languages.
Mi hijo es el vivo y el tuyo es el muerto. Spanish
Mir gehört das lebende Kind und dir das tote! German
C'est mon fils qui est vivant et c'est le tien qui est mort! French
Human helpers can ask questions to help.
Here are some Bible wordings that can be adapted to suit situations.
How do you know that ______ and _____ are dead?
(How do you know that ______is dead?) 2 Samuel 1:5
Comment sais-tu que _____ et _____ sont morts?
(Comment sais-tu que _______ est mort?)- French
____ und ____ sind tot? Woher weißt du das?
(______ ist tot? Woher weißt du das?)- German
Come fai a sapere che ______ e _____ sono morti? - Italian
They may end up asking like the angels did in Luke 24:5:
"Why DO you seek the living among the dead?"

There is a time for searching and ... A)a time to give up (completely)/and...B)a time for not searching(on and off)
(Ecclesiastes 3:6).
Il y a un temps pour chercher .... et un temps pour A)perdre/et...un temps pourB)ne pas chercher. - French
Hay tiempo para buscar...y otro para A) perder... - Spanish
Humans can also think of other questions:
'Will you also seek the living among the living dead?'
Wirst du auch die Lebenden unter den lebendigen Toten suchen?
and 'Where would you go for that?'
Wo kann man so etwas finden/haben?'

One answer can be: _________is dead.
The answer can be that the one looked for is really dead.
_________ ist tot. - German
Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on the survivors of situations like this. Help them mourn properly. Help survivors know the truth. Restore hope for the future. Amen.
The answer that the one looked for is dead may sometimes be found "in the whispers".

Example: When David's first son with Bathsheba was dead, he realized it because of "the whispers".
"Can I bring him back again?" he lamented.
Jamais je ne pourrai le faire revenir à la vie. French
Ich kann das Kind ja doch nicht wieder zum Leben erwecken. German
2 Samuel 12: middle part of verse 23
No, was the answer in this case. He had done everything possible, repented of his own sin, mourned and then got up and LIVED fully again. We can learn more ways from Adam and Eve. They found a further answer when they knew Abel was dead. Their beautiful child, their joy was dead. But Hebrews 11:4 states that God spoke well of what Abel had done:
"By faith Abel offered God a better sacrifice."
Weil Abel Gott vertraute, brachte er ihm ein besseres Opfer. - German
"And by faith he STILL speaks, even though he is dead."
Obwohl Abel tot ist, spricht er duch sein Vertrauen NOCH HEUTE zu uns. - German
There remained Adam and Eve's witness about Abel, Abel's own evidence such as Abel's physical works, evidence such as "a stone that can bring forth Abraham's children" and "the blood that cries out". For us all, Abel's evidence is left written to be seen in the Bible by the various scribes throughout history.

Another answer can be: ________is in a funeral procession now. (see Luke 7:11-17)
au cimetière - French
A widow with many (praying?) friends was on her way to bury her son. He certainly was or seemed dead. She was crying, and Jesus told her not to, since he knew about her son. Jesus spoke to her son and the corpse did what Jesus told him to do. Only the Giver of life can work miracles and restore life.

Another answer can be: ________is still alive.
The answer can be that the one looked for is among the 'living dead'. (lebende Tote)
A child may be frozen for a few hours and revived after CPR and a faint vital sign.
A person may be in a coma or suffering bad withdrawal symptoms. A person may be uncommunicative. ....
Anyway "He is STILL alive."
Er lebt noch. - German
Dear Lord Jesus, have mercy on searchers and foundlings in situations like this. May faith in YOU not ever fail them. Strengthen them and help them to strenghten others. Let them not be terrified, thinking that they are seeing something horrible, including ghosts or anyone evil, without your loving comforts. Help these people look carefully at the one alive. Help them look at, and feel if necessary, the hands, feet and the whole body of the one still alive. Help them re: cures for body, mind and spirit. Help them discern the truth with knowledge such as: 'A ghost doesn't have flesh and bones.' Lord, take care of all of the doubts and fears one by one. Amen.
Jesus IS interested....
(Re: Luke 24:38) He said, "Why are you alarmed?" to his friends when they thought he was dead, but really alive.
Warum seid ihr so erschrocken? - German
"Why are these doubts coming up in your minds?", he asked.
Jesus listened and took care of their fears one by one.
Warum kommen euch solche Zweifel?

Rev 3:2 states:
"Wake up! Strenghten what remains and is about to die!!"
"Werdet wach und stärkt das, was noch Leben hat, bevor es abstirbt. German
Réveille-toi, affermis ce que tu as encore, avant que cela ne vienne à mourir complètement. French
Despiértate y reanima lo que todavía no ha muerto. Spanish

1) Remember what you received and heard (from God).
2) Obey and repent.
3) Complete your deeds in the sight of God.

"Do this and you will live".....
(These quoted verses contain affirmations, but also justified warnings.)

Mentors....are important!

And an answer can be: _________is alive.
_____ lebt. - German
The answer can be that the one looked for is alive and well.
"Look, your ______is alive." (Similar to 1Ki 17:23)
"He has appeared to _____________." (Similar to Luke 24:34)

This calls for healing, forgiveness, thanks, praise and a CELEBRATION!!!!
Dear Lord Jesus Christ, bring this kind of 'good news' to people today to bring the "Good News" more fully! Help people to rejoice and be glad always. Amen.