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Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive?

What a terrible question.

However, God is concerned with this question as the words are found in the Book with real answers:

To know if someone is dead or alive, someone has to know the answer to a question like:
Where is the man? ("they" asked him.)
"Direct Quote": John 9:12 - Somali - Kolkaasay waxay ku yidhaahdeen, Xaggee buu joogaa?
A question neighbours may ask of a person who had seen him previously.

"I don't know", he said.
"Direct Quote": John 9:12 - Somali - Isaguse wuxuu ku yidhi, Ma ogi.
An answer the cured man, who was blind from birth gave truthfully about Jesus to his neighbours.

Once the whereabouts are answered, the questions become more specific:
Is the child dead?
"Direct Quote": 2 Samuel 12:19
Somali - War yarkii ma dhintay?
French - L'enfant est mort?
German - Ist das Kind tot?
Italian - Il bambino est morto?
Danish, Norwegian - Barnet er d°d?

The answer can be:

Yes, he is dead.
"Direct Quote": 2 Samuel 12:19 Somali - Haah, wuu dhintay.
David mourned for his child and kept pleading with God for the child.
But, once he knew the child was dead, he got up, washed, dressed up and went to pray at the house of the Lord.
Then he went home to eat. Read David's reasoning for his reaction in 2 Samuel 12:23

Another time the answer could be different. It was when Jesus himself said about Jairus' daughter:

The girl/the child/she is not dead, but asleep.
"Direct Quote": Mat 9:24; Mar 5:39; Luk 8::52
Somali - Yartu/gabadhu/iyadu ma dhiman, waase huruddaa.

Please pray for all those that don't know if the missing person they ask God about is dead or alive.
Pray for consolation in the time ignorance about missing people's whereabouts.
Pray for the darkest hours and a time of resolution.
Dear Jesus help. Amen.