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Prayertime Past

Dear Jesus, I have never HEARD of a person praying about a situation in the past. Or perhaps of a person that admitted it. Not that I have asked anyone or found someone doing this in the Bible. I am asking the heavenly angels and those reading this page to join in this prayer. Even if there is only one other, you have made promises.

I am arguing with YOU now....I have faith that YOU are able to do something about this matter....since YOU are the LORD of LORDS--the TIMEKEEPER of all TIMEKEEPERS. I am praying especially about those who "needed" dying graces from YOU in the past. Yes... YOU can go back and show your countenance in a loving and majestic way.

SO I ask YOU, dear reader, to join me in prayer for those people who had very little time to know it was their last day in all situations, including the Manhattan/Pentagon/airplane disasters.

Lord Jesus, we pray about all the dying graces you extended to these people. Amen
Who (then)can be saved? Matthew 19:25
Qui peut (donc) être sauvé? - French
Wer kann (dann) gerettet werden? - German
(Allora) chi mai puo essere salvato? - Italian
¿Quién(, pues,) podrá ser salvo? - Spanish

With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26
Aux hommes cela est impossible, mais à Dieu tout est possible. - French
Für Menschen ist es unmöglich, aber bei Gott ist alles möglich! - German
Agli uomini questo è impossibile. Ma a Dio tutto è possibile. - Italian
Para los hombres esto es imposible, pero para Dios todo es posible. - Spanish

With prayer everything is possible to YOU, God, so we pray about final graces for those that perished in the flood reaching back in time, we pray about those making similar choices now, and about those that will be choosing.

Lord, we pray for those contemporaries of Noah, who laughed at him Lord, and teased him! Didn't they heed your promptings and commands? It was not "foolishness" to build the ark ....They had to live with the consequences. They died too early. But...they had time to reflect to make a final choice to affirm or deny Noah's choice of following God's ways. Now we pray on purpose for those who realized that Noah closed the ark without them in the flood conditions and who could actually have been rescued, if they had held Noah's views. We pray for those who were fully conscious when the water rose and there was no higher tree or mountain to climb. We pray for those who concluded that there was no other cave to retreat to at one point in time.... Lord, we pray that you gave them all dying graces so that they would see the hope of resurrected life "even" for them--even at the hardest time.

Lord, we pray for those that died in the desert on the way to the promised land.

Lord, remember graces for those in the Holocaust, those who have starved in famines, those who were in any detention camps. Remember those who were relocated and trecked in China and in other places. Remember the people where the men were killed and the women raped.

We pray for all "sinners" at their time of death, those who died in the past, those that are dying at this very hour and all of us and others who will be dying.
Help us to say with St. Claire of Assisi,
Tu, Signore, sii benedetto, Tu che mi hai creata!

Merci Seigneur de m'avoir créée. - French
Herr sei gepriesen, dass du mich erschaffen hast! - German
Blessed be you, Lord, for having created me. - English
Panie, badz blogoslawiony, Ty, którys mnie stworzyl! - Polish
Vós, Senhor, sejais bendito, pois me criastes! - Portuguese
Tú, Señor, seas bendito porque me creaste! - Spanish

Praise be to you, O Lord, Psalm 119:12
for you created me/my innermost being. Psalm 139:13
Gepriesen seist du, Herr,
Du hast mich geschaffen. - German
Loué sois-tu, Seigneur,
c'est toi qui m'as crée. - French
Tu sei benedetto...ti rendo grazie, Signore,
tu mi hai plasmato il cuore;
Sei tu che hai creato le mie viscere. - Italian
¡Bendito tú, Señor!
Tú fuiste quien formó todo mi cuerpo. - Spanish

Help us to say, "Thank you God for all your creation including those who mocked and were blinded....forgive them Lord...they did not know what they were doing."

We just want to make a "small" change in your prayer on the cross. Please just extend the group of people and add all timeframes.

Father, forgive them, for they do(/did) not know what they are(/were) doing. Luke 23:34
Père, pardonne-leur, car ils ne savent(/savaient) ce qu'ils font(/faisaient). - French
Vater, vergib ihnen, denn sie wissen(/wußten) nicht, was sie tun(/taten)!

With the help of the Holy Spirit...that you can breathe on so many of us...we have this assurance:
If you forgive anyone his sins, they are forgiven John 20:23
Ceux à qui vous pardonnerez les péchés, ils leur seront pardonnés. - French

You promise a solemn exchange of forgiveness in the Our Father prayer just by giving us this very prayer model: we forgive those who trespass against us...

Lord, help us to forgive!!! With the help of the Holy Spirit this is POSSIBLE.

Lord, we pray for the specific hours of when people went missing and what happened afterwards. We pray for those who realized their hour of trial and death was coming.

Lord, for those who actually died, we pray about your having extended all possible dying graces. We pray for those who were alone and incapable of doing what they wanted. We pray for those who hoped for human help and ended up not getting it. We thank you that the brain sometimes does something, so that no more pain is felt even if the person is not dead. Thank you for Amnesia in some situations. Thank you for some types of numbness. Thank you that the thoughts of victims were and are not really visible to Perpetrators. We pray for those who were cold, hungry and most of all those who were thirsty. We pray for those who witnessed evil. We pray for those who thought they could not possibly forgive somebody. We pray for those who had not repented before. Lord Jesus, you know about this kind of situation, as you were dying as God AND as man. Jesus you were capable of weeping. Please, please have mercy on those who did not make choices for YOU "early" AS WELL.

Did we miss someone in our prayer? Lord, that was not our intention, and YOU know it. You have said that the Holy Spirit will groan for us....when words are not enough. Well, send us the Holy Spirit to complete this prayer perfectly.

Lord, we prayed for people in the past...we often pray for the present....let us now pray about "missing" people re: the future.

Lord, give us very good means to keep in touch so we are not lonely by default. Lord, help people invent things so they can even interpret "stones that speak" to give evidence against evil. Help stop kidnappers doing evil, by letting them know for certain that they AND their network WILL BE found out.
Strengthen and heal families, so that parental abductions will not happen anymore. Lord, give forensics more means to bring closure to the cases where the missing are dead.
Lord, you say that WITH YOU "anything" good is POSSIBLE. Well, we're asking...that it is not just POSSIBLE, but that with Agape love the best really happens re: missing people. Amen.