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Direct HEART quotes - Lamartine + Bible

Lamartine Quote: "Sometimes when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated."

Here are some Direct HEART Quotes for prayer and encouragement. The English Direct Quotes have been darkened.

(Prayer to the Lord)
DO NOT FORSAKE US! Jer 14:(9)(--useful words!)
Ne nous laisse pas tomber. (Don't let us stumble and fall.)
Verlaß uns nicht! (Don't leave us.)
Non abbondonarci! (Don't abandon us.)
Biblical Fact:
The Lord loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones. Psalm 37:28
Le Seigneur aime qu'on respecte le droit, et il n'abandonne pas ses fidèles.
Der Herr liebt das Recht, und wird die, die an ihn glauben, nicht verlassen.
Il Signore ama la giustizia e non abbandona i suoi fedeli.

The Lord reassures and encourages us:
(This encouragement must be very important as the words are found 3x on the same or neighbouring pages in any full Bible in Deuteronomy and 4x in Joshua like that.)
All of you, be strong and courageous - 10 OT references
- Deut. 31:6,7,23
تَقَوَّوْا وَتَشَجَّعُوا - Arabic
Бъдете силни и дързостни. - Bulgarian
你 們 當 剛 強 壯 膽. - Chinese (trad.)
Vær frimodige og stærke. - Danish
Soyez forts et prenez du courage. - French
Seid stark und mutig. - German
Siate forti e coraggiosi. - Italian
Bądźcie mocni, bądźcie odważni! - Polish
Будьте тверды и мужественны. - Russian
Sean fuertes y valientes. - Spanish
Iweni hodari na moyo wa ushujaa. - Swahili (confirm)
Haddaba xoog yeesha oo aad u dhiiranaada. - Somali

Do not be afraind (all of you) - Deuteronomy 31:6
.لاَ تَخْشَوْهُمْ - Arabic
Не бойте - Bulgarian
不 要 害 怕. - Chinese (trad.)
Frygt ikke. - Danish
Ne craignez point. N'ayez pas peur. - French
Fürchtet euch nicht. Habt keine Angst. - German
Не бойтесь. - Russian
Non abbiate paura. - Italian
Nie bójcie się. - Polish (confirm - ?add 'ich')
No teman. - Spanish
Msigope wala msiwahofu. - Swahili (confirm)
Ha baqina. - Somali

The Lord promises to help:
"The..needy... I, will answer them, I, the God of Israel (and ....), will not forsake them." Isaiah 41:17
"Die.. Elenden... Ich, der Herr Gott Israels (und....),werde sie erhören und werde sie nicht verlassen."
"Les malheureux.. Moi, le Seigneur, je vais leur répondre, moi, le Dieu d'Israël (et de ....), je ne les abandonne pas."
Please pray about understanding about speaking in other languages.
Let us thank God for THE Words of Words given to us through the obedience of the authors, the scribes and the interpreters throughout the ages.
Thank you, Lord God, for Agape, the language of love.

Numbers 31:49
...(and) not one is missing.
... non ne manca nemmeno uno. Italian
... il n'en manque aucun. French
... (aur)un men se ek jawán bhí kam na húá. Urdu - Roman L.
... nou jouinn yo tout la. Haitian.
... oo nin qudhuhu nagama dhinna. Somali
... i nie brak z nas nikogo. Polish
... ve bizden hiç bir adam eksik degildir. Turkish (add mark above the g)
... og der mangler ingen. Danish
... e não está faltando nenhum. Portuguese
... ac nid oes wr yn eisiau ohonom. Welsh (add mark over the w)
... ja meist pole ainustki vajaka. Estonian
... a nechýba z nás ani jeden. Slovak

But someone may still be missing to us.
John 1:38 (first quote)
"What do you want?" Jesus asks of those that are following Him closely.
Que cherchez-vous? French
Hva vil dere? Norwegian
Tumkam kitem zai? Konkani
Che cosa volete? Italian

As for Mary and Joseph, they had a plan for looking for missing Jesus: Luke 2:(44)
(Then) they began looking for him among their relatives and friends. - English
Ils se mirent à le chercher parmi leurs parents et leurs amis. - French
Sie suchten ihn dann (abends) unter ihren Verwandten und Bekannten. - German
Si misero a cercarlo tra parenti e conoscenti. - Italian
Le buscaban entre los parientes y los conocidos. - Spanish

When things didn't go as Jonah had anticipated, God said to Jonah and to us, when we are in similar situations:
Jonah 4:4 and 4:9
Have you any right to be angry? - English
As-tu raison d'être en colère? - French
Answer: No.

John 20:13 and 15
Why are you crying?
Pourquoi pleures-tu? - French
Perché piangi? - Italian

When Jesus Christ says these words from
Luke 7:13 to you, stop crying and listen! Then don't cry anymore and accept His resolution!
Don't cry!
Non piangere! - Italian
Weine nicht! - German
Ne pleures pas. - French

John 20:15
Who is it you are looking for?
Chi cerchi? - Italian

(Part of) John 10:14

I know ______(plural) and _____(plural) know me.
Je connais _____(pluriel)et_____(pluriel)me connaissent. French
Jeg kjenner___________og __________kjenner meg. Norwegian

Isaiah 42:23
Which of you will listen to this or pay close attention in time to come?
Chi di voi ascoltera questo? Chi di voi, d'ora in poi, vi fará attenzione? - Italian

1 Thessalonians 2:(5)
God is our witness.
Dieu nous en est témoin. - French
Jumala on meidän todistajamme! - Finnish

Pray about any situation where these words are used:
2 Kings 4:(1)
But now his creditor is coming....
Und der Schuldherr ist gekommen.... - German

"Where is he?
Words that can be used for good or evil in searching.
4 examples:
a) 2 Sam 9:4 David asked this to show kindness. He ended up helping Mephibosheth.
b) Ex 2:20 Jethro asked this of his daughters. He ended up with a "good" son-in-law (Moses).
c) Job 20: 7 Zophar made comments about "the wicked" and put these very possible words into "those that have seen him" mouths--that may be everybody "the wicked" dealt with.
d) Isaiah 63:11 Words used by wondering people about God.
Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ Messiah, for Family Bibles and all the Bibles in the World! Thank you for those that seek you now. Thank you that you set people free now! That you let the captives go out of today's Pharaohs' grip. Thank you that no prison can hold those you want to set free. Thank you that you can tumble mighty fortresses like Jericho. Thank you that you can change people so they want to be fulfilled in your plan. Amen.