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Table of contents of the many "missing people" stories inspired by the Bible.

New 7023Why, oh why where 71 kings "missing" with thumbs and big toes cut off?

Amittai + Jonah - Jonah ran away!
An urgent call to God for Nineveh-types and runaways.
Job reference - Vouching for a rehabilitated runaway...
An interesting reference letter
Hiding? - Missing or Hiding?
"I was I hid."
Dead or Alive?Prayer and God's consoling concern.

Refugees - Refugees - Are they missing?...At least in hard times. - Ruth could have returned to her mother's home, but she chose to go with Naomi. How could Ruth's family have known of her whereabouts and her future?
2499 - Search, Find and Rejoice!
A missing person and and any of those looking are more valuable than...
Old enough? - Ask him -he can answer for himself.
It's not impossible. Don't give up! Ask neighbours and travellers. Look in key locations.
Faint with love? - If you find him...tell him I am faint with love.
Two similar city searches with different endings!
2555 - Jacob was missing!
Laban pursued him for 7 days and caught up with him.

Human loot?Which of you will listen to this or pay close attention in time to come? Isaiah 42:23
2588 - Not really missing!?
Reassuring words when someone important just has to leave for a short while.
Careful search - Jesus went missing when he was 12!
Go and make a search...with care.
2590 - 2 out of 3 travelers saved by friendly city man!
One was gang raped and left for dead by some of the wicked men of the city!
2591 Elisha wasn't always around...when creditors came for children.
Any truly persistent widow with an adversary would also have a judge and ally.

2607 A voice was heard...they are no more.
Herod's unavoidable order and the innocents.
2608 Why have you done this? Why did you let the baby boys live?
Baby Moses and his life conspirators who all offered: "Take this baby."
2623 Mary was at a distance when Jesus was dying. Jesus' words were recorded. He forgave many. Mary must have been told. (Missing gamblers too!)
Eloquence Missing child with no say had quite some eloquence in another tongue!
She was trusted and blessed the household of her owners. Remember Joseph who was bought!
2632 Oh, Gehazi, my servant! Where have you been?
Running after money and things that God has earmarked otherwise.

2667 Who is missing?....The bride and the bridegroom!
They came. But what happened then to the 5 who had run out of oil when they had some after all?
2706 Mixed up at birth--my missing baby.
It happened in secrecy, in solitude and in darkness because of distress.
2716 Why do you seek the living among the dead."
Angels ask this question too, even though they know the answer!
2717 Why are you crying?....Missing?....Who is it you are looking for?
What is the name?
2720 Cain, you will be a restless wanderer....unless....
Cain was never a farmer again, but he ended up living in the land of Nod, east of Eden, building a city.

2731 Enoch, my grandchild, will I ever see you?
Seth had a son Enosh and Cain had a son Enoch. Do you think they ever met?
2767 Papa, tell me about your mother. You never talk about her.
(Enoch asked his father.)
2839 Where is THAT wife of MINE, Abigail?
Don't answer! "Pay no attention to that wicked man, Nabal.'
2899 "Missing family" followed dreams given by the angel of the Lord.
The "Do not be afraid" angel of the Lord appeared in instructional dreams to the magi and to Joseph, the carpenter.
2930 Location, location, location...where will you find a missing person?
Most likely in habitual places or where large crowds indicate!

2959 Joseph sat at the bottom of the abandoned well... 'No one knows I'm sitting here! except...
'Don't kill me!'Joseph pleaded for his he ended up "missing". He decided to live so people wouldn't envy him like his brothers did.
2986 'Where is he?' Reuben kept thinking of his "missing" brother Joseph!
3060 Was my son mauled? 42 were mauled by 2 she-bears! Was he among them?
4102 "What will happen to our child, Hadassah, if we are missing?" said Esther's parents even before she was born.
Mordecai took her as his own daughter when her father, Abihail, and her mother died.
4625 - Physically there sometime, but missing with heart!?! What does a prophet (Malachi) tell us so parents hearts will turn to their children and vice versa?
Was "wise" King Solomon wise with his son? Did he turn his heart to Rehoboam and vice versa?

5285 - Ahikar (from the Book of Tobit) was forced to go into hiding in a tomb. He was "missing" to the emperor, who then was not able to jail or kill him!
5284 - Missing because parent forgot a child?
11330 - The story of the Missing Person at the Family Homecoming Party