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WANTED artist or artists
for each expanded Bible story....

What would be wonderful?
Pictures that relate to the Bible stories to show that they are relevant yesterday, today and in the future.

1. In the historical setting
2. Throughout history settings
3. In modern settings and
4. in a future setting

What could be pictures of the "Mauled" story? It is a "swarming" by gang members story from the Bible.

1. Picture of youth swarming Elisha on the road.
2. Picture of Highwaymen in England or Stagecoach robbers in the US swarming travellers who are in a horse drawn coach
3. Picture of teen/older person being swarmed from a news story with date and time (- Teen swarmed in park in Toronto; 1999)
4. Rogue starfighters swarming merchant/hospital ship

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Copyright for pictures on website:

God is Love multilingual postcard
Stitching in Albanian, Hindi and English
Card with "We are all here. Don't harm yourself. Choose life."

copyright of webmaster

Jesus at 12 entering Jerusalem
Courtesy of Bill Hughes of

Naaman's wife with no-name girl:
- Web use on this site paid on January 22, 2003,#42
- picture is posted on the Eloquence subpage
- Contact:
Ms. Puorro Galasso
George Eastman House
900 East Ave
Rochester, N.Y. 14607 USA

Pictures of Amy Bradley, missing since 1998
Courtesy of the Bradley Family
Contact: TeamAmy e-address

Mother Teresa's cards:
Copies of correspondence sent to the webmaster.

La Strage degli Innocenti (detail of Herod)- Matteo di Giovanni ~1435-1495
Public Domain

Anna Prophetissa by Carel de Mallery, Antwerp, 1566-1628, Webcopy courtesy of - DeVos - NT women
Public Domain

Joseph sold by His Brothers
- Friedrich J. Overbeck , 1816, German
Public Domain

Why are you crying?
Would like to feature picture in bigger format, not so small that it only shows the picture to help identify the artist.

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God bless creative people with inner peace.

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