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Please suggest other books about missing people that you find helpful...and write, if a link does not work any more.
Into the Wild - book, written by Jon Krakauer
Into the Wild - 2 disc-DVD, directed by Sean Penn

Chrisopher McCandless went on an odessey into the Alaskan Wilderness. His family and friends did not know where or why he went. He did NOT want to be found!

The Stowaway by Robert Hough

Based on a true modern story with a fictional component, this is a story of bravery by Filipino seamen saving a stowaway from Eastern Europe from being shown off their freighter in a callous manner in unsafe conditions.

Say I do - Filmwest Associates Unveiling the stories of mail order brides
55 min documentary video
Women of one cultural group courted by men of one other and the results

Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion DVD about the 1917 munitions explosion in the Halifax harbour. Relief measures taken, help from the Boston area...
Book by Janet F. Kitz

The Concubine's Children by Denise Chong

This is a true book about a Chinese women immigrant and her families in the early 1900s to Vancouver, Canada. This book has examples of false papers!!! Ex: One woman even gets buried under her assumed name because that is her official ID. Highly rated by readers.
I Figli di Plaza de Mayo by Italo Moretti (2002)

This documentary book is in Italian, and excellent. Baby kidnapping for adoption with many case studies where children were found are given. Eight identified destination countries are listed for this particular origin country.
Not Without my Daughter by Betty Mahmoody - book
- video (English)
- video (English with Spanish subtitles)

The real story of a mother who struggled to return to her country with her daughter.

Newbery Award Winner in the 50's. This is one of my favorite books for youngsters! It is an overcoming story, where an indentured young man licks his mundane and monotonous problems and achieves something great for all. He is "missing" to his family, since he is forced to be "at the store" at all times. He learned languages with the help of Bibles, dictionaries and grammars. No mention of faith.Carry On, Mr. Bowditch
Prayer of Jabez you can adapt and pray for yourself in all circumstances - Re: 1 Chronicles 4:10 Prayer of Jabez and Secrets of the Vine set of books
The Prodigal Father
by Jon Du Pre
A true story of healing of father-child relationship.
Loving A Prodigal
by H. Norman Wright
Parenting the Prodigal
by S. Rutherford
Praying Prodigals Home: Taking Back what the Enemy has stolen
by Quinn Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock

Silent Grief by Clara Hinton
Mourning children who are missing through
-being missing
-being sick or dying
This book is sometimes available. It may be available used.
If you enter "Silent Grief" into the amazon search engine of "all products", you can find a number of similar titles that may be of more specific help.
Come Back ALIVE
(Link to Robert Young Pelton
...The ultimate Guide to Surviving Disasters, KIDNAPPINGS, Animal Attacks and OTHER NASTY PERILS of Modern TRAVEL.
Doubleday, 1999
ISBN 0-385-49566-8
Cautionary tales told with humour--
Great gift on the lighter side for those lively people who want to go adventuring into the world, where family and friends may not know if they are safe!

Prodigals and Those Who Love Them (Link to Ruth Bell Graham
...Foreword by Gigi Graham Tchevidjian
Baker Books, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49516, 1999
ISBN 0-8010-5897-X (paperback)

Stories, poems, prayers, diary entries that helped and consoled in times of missing prodigals!

Stories about the author's son, a friend's son, Jason, St. Augustine, John Newton and Wilberforce, Fyodor Dostoyevski and Flora Campbell who was awaited with a lit candle visible afar through a window.

Lighten Up, Survival Skills for People Under Pressure (Link to C.W. Metcalf and Roma Felible
Perseus Books, Reading, Massachusetts (HarperCollins?)1992
ISBN 0-201-62239-4 (paperback)

About humour in difficult situations...Page 102 starts "Humor in hell"
Includes two paragraphs re: humor and Terry Waite and Tom Sutherland, who were missing hostages for many years.

Found in the bibliography:

Gerald Coffee, Beyond Survival: A POW's Inspiring Lesson in Living (New York Berkley Books, 1990), pp 130-131.

Johanna Neuman, "Ex-hostages felt like 'blind rabbit in a box,'", USA Today, August 2, 1989.

Linda Dowlen, "Humor helped hostages cope," Fort Collins, Colo. Coloradoan, June 10, 1987.

David Wilkerson, The Cross and the Switchblade (Link to
Marshall Pickering (HarperCollinsPublishers),London,1963.
US publication available
The book chronicles the beginning of "Teen Challenge" Ministry for gang youth and their families. It tells the stories of young people like Nicky, a leader and Maria, a heroin user, who changed their lives completely because of asking God into their lives. The Holy Spirit liberates and restores those "missing" to their communities!
Come Holy Spirit! Come Jesus Christ!
Too Young to Die
by Gordon McLean
Link to

"I Couldn't Change My Son, J. Grant Swank Jr., Pastor, (Windham, Maine)
Decision Magazine, June 1997, Pages 16-17

A father tried everything. The son responded by walking away again. He gave/committed his son to the Lord just as he had done when he was a baby and "let go" even though it was the hardest thing to just let God be God in his life. They heard nothing for a long time. Then came a call from jail. Was what happened just? Did God want to teach the son a special lesson? Read it for yourself.

Hope in Our Soul by Bernice J. Lundeen,
Click here,then on Decision Library, then April 1999, then "Other feature Articles" and "Hope in Our Soul"
After spending much money, a mother let her son "go" into God's care. She did this at a woman's retreat where the topic was stress. She was afraid to share her ask for prayers for her son in his situation. He did end up in jail, but they are talking and there are hopeful signs!

"The Father that I always wanted", Kate Morrow
Click here,then on Decision Library, then June 1999, then "Other feature Articles" and "The Father that I always wanted"
A daughter was bitter about her father not seeing her as she was growing up; later she accepted the Lord, and knew she had to deal with this. She found that God the Father, was caring and helped her so that then she could talk pleasantly with him.
The Deep End of the Ocean was an "Oprah Book". Video seems more appealing than the book.
Video - The Deep End of the Ocean with Michelle Pfeiffer, Treat Williams, Whoopi Goldberg and well reviewed child actors. PG 13, 109 min.
Book - The Deep End of the Ocean, by Jacquelyn Mitchard
A 3-year-old is lost in a hotel lobby crowd; 10-years later he is found. The family deals with sadness, guilt etc.
Pfeffer, Susan Beth, The Year Without Michael, A Bantam Starfire Book,1987. link
Publisher’s Weekly - Best Book of the Year.

Father, Mother (marriage rocky), Jody (in high school), Michael (starting high school), Kay (12-year-old)

Jerry - M.’s softball friend
Maris - Jody’s friend
The Face on the Milk Carton (Link to by Caroline B. Cooney

A missing child book for youthful readers.

The sequel book:
Whatever happened to Janie? (Link to
Whatever happened to ME?
Proof of Life

The book about a kidnapped executive in South America and how he left.
There is now a Warner Brothers movie with Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe by the same title.
The Survivor: An Anatomy of Life in the Death Camps by Terrence Des Pres, 1980.

The author examined what we can learn form holocaust survivors who managed to stay human in the worst of all possible worlds. They were "missing" around others who were also "alone" in very difficult situations. Suggestions: Living "in the now", co-operative looking after others, finding a niche with a skill that the oppressors needed and deciding early on that they needed to be witnesses.
The author believes in pragmatism and not in God.
The Book of Books, The Bible
...written by various authors and scribes with THE Breath of God

has and is helpful to missing people and those that care for them.

This website takes Bible stories and shows encouraging points of view re: missing people.

Of course there is a lot more consolation in the Bible itself. Pray for understanding. Pray for God to open your hearts. Pray with others. Pray for others. Thank God.