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There are many missing people sites. Just use any search engine. Some ask you to pay to find missing people. Some show pictures of those missing. Not many ask for prayers! Only a few seem to acknowledge success stories.... Just keep praying, even when there is no earthly answer. Pray for God to send helpers. Pray for the helpers. Pray for:
- Sex Offenders Registry by State
- Amber Alert Org.
-Practical help for grandparents
There is also a Canadian Grandparents' Rights Association with chapters in various provinces.
-Organize your home with Fly Lady so you can find the "missing" items and addresses, phone numbers easily of those "missing" to you. You'll learn not to misplace them.
-A Mom's page to prevent injury to smaller children - Let's keep them safe and not "missing".
-Big Oak Ranch in Alabama A home for children and young people some of whom are missing to someone...they all need prayers.
-"In His Hands" website ~ A survival guide--when your child is missing!
-Centre for Abused and Missing Children - American -
Success Stories--national and international
Safeguarding Children Information etc.

-Missing Children - Dutch site
-Things to do when your child is missing. (Covenant House)
-Operation Go Home - Toronto + interesting info
-1-800-668-HOME Operation Go Home, a Canadian Webpage
-Teen Challenge - Worldwide - Intensive Christian drug rehab network for teens - there they are no longer missing in prison, in cities etc.
-Child Cyber Search
-ChildFind (Canada)
-Child Search Org - with Prayer Ministry
-Covenant Houses for Youth in Canada, US and Central America
-The Salvation Army - global link; They have been helpful with missing people, especially runaways.
-Red Cross - Red Crescent (+ Magen David Adom)- Finds "missing" people in war zones and afterwards. They have helped Holocaust survivors connect with family and friends. They are helping now re: other conflicts.
-How to pray for your city--(and those missing, of course)
-At this site, click on The Truth. It's about Pornography (a cause re: missing people)-hosted by Internet4Families
Support for children (so they won't go missing):
-Canadian Kids Help Webpage
-In Canada children can phone:
Kids Help Phone/Jeunesse, J'écoute at 1-800-668-6868
- Helping the homeless STORY (missing to their society)(Toronto):
Street Patrol 2000
-Crime Stoppers International (1-800-222-TIPS)
-Help Identify Unidentified People, Sketches or Re-constructions (mainly US); There's a page of featured persons who were identified subsequently; The homepage is "protected", delete the pop-up, then the rest of the menu works fine

Red Cross Missing Persons Conference - Contact Leads

-Amnesty International Country Contact Info can be found by clicking the pertinent link on the menu bar in the "Become a Member" section.
Amnesty International in Arabic
-Amnesty International in --Spanish
-Amnesty International in French
-Amnesty International in English
-Canada Refugee Information/English
-Information de réfugiés/Canada/Français
-Doctors without borders/Médecins sans frontières (English with links to other language country sites)
-"World Vision International" with links to about a dozen country websites- sponsors help so children's talents will not be missing to their society
-Worldwide addresses of help of the "Missionaries of Charity"
(Mother Teresa founded this order)

- L'arche Canada (English + French) with international contact info available on "site map". Scroll down. The site concerns Community Living in a Spiritual Setting so handicapped people do not have to be separate and "missing"
-Open Doors International,
Prayer for the Suffering Church everywhere

-Leprosy Associations of ILEP, worldwide links
Leprosy People- Still "missing" to society?

-Canadian English and French Association against Leprosy (+ tuberculosis)
- Bundeskriminalamt (German Police Crime Department) site - Fahndung=seeking/missing

NamUs Site--a searchable US data base regarding unidentified decedents
Christian Search:

Visit the OCC Webpage FEAR NOT
A secular search engine
A secular crime headline search engine