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The words for Missing

Pray about the Holy Spirit helping those that pray about missing people and those that search legitimately.

Here are some multilanguage key words for "Missing"
Arabic - لا توجد نتائج بحث عن missing person
Czech missing persons = pohřešované osoby
Dutch - vermist, vermiste, verdwenen (last word thanks Siegfried - mle)
English - missing, disappeared, vanished, lost, (lost without a trace, abducted, kidnapped)...
French - disparu (masc.), disparue (fem.), disparus (pl.)
German - vermisst; verschwunden; verschollen (sing.); vermisste; verschwunden; verschollene (pl.)
Hindi (India) - gayyab, gum (Thanks to mle)
Indonesian (Bahasa) - kehilangan
Italian - scomparsa, scomparsi
Korean - Missing in Action - MIA - 전쟁실종자
Be missing: 행방불명되다
Lithuanian - prapuole (Thanx Ausra - mle)
Malayalam (India) - poyi (Thanks to mle)
Portuguese - desaparecido, ...desaparecer (verb)
went missing = dispareceu
Russian - Пропавшие без вести - missing person(s)
or без вести пропавшие
Slovak - chýba (=be missing; word not confirmed, if you see a box, it should be a t with another flag to the right)
Spanish - disaparecido (m.), disaparecida (f.), disaparecidos (m. + mixed pl.), disaparecidas (f. pl.)
Thai - ผู้สูญหาย
Turkish kayboldu, kaybolanlar, kayıp
Vietnamese - mất tích
Mystery language - pyauk (Thanks to mle)

(mle =, information by volunteers)

If you know word(s) that mean "missing" (for people) in any other language, please send us the key word(s) e-mail. Or give other language urls you know of re: missing people. The key word may be there somewhere!!!!

Cecilia Zhang's webpages probably have the Chinese words for missing/disappeared.
The following has the words too. But where???


4. find out 查知,發現
英解:to discover, expose or confirm
A: The police couldn't find out anything about the missing child.
B: That's too bad. I hope he hasn't been kidnapped.

Here are some titles for a "Missing Person" poster.
The blank is for the name of the missing person:
Avis de Recherche (Search notice)
Disparition (Missing (noun)) / Enlèvement (Kidnapping)- French
Avviso de ricerca (Search notice) - Italian
Suchaktion / Gesucht wird _____! ( ___ is being searched for!)- German
Help ons ____ terug te vinden. (Help us find ____) - Dutch
Buscamos a ______. (We are searching for ____.)- Spanish

Other poster titles for Arabic, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Ukraininan, can be found at
the international search website for Estelle Mouzin.
If you click on the languages in the menu the titles vary from: "We are looking for Estelle" "Missing Person" to "Search Notice". In these language subpages there may be others key search patterns that may be of help!

Turkish site of some missing people, especially children

The Bible has "No one is missing", but the words mostly mean "____is missing among____" in various translations.
Best reference is at Numbers 31:49. The words can still help, if used skillfully in a search.

without a trace is a Bible wording in Daniel 2:35.
But use caution in using these Bible wordings, if they fit a particular situation, as the verse refers to items that went missing, not people.
Nevertheless, the wordings may be just what is needed.
sans laisser la moindre trace - French
ohne eine Spur zu hinterlassen - German
senza lasciar traccia - Italian
no quedó rastro - Spanish
Instructions for multilingual searching:
Enter the search words into any good search engine!
Altavista Multilingual Search Engine

Advanced Multilingual Search Engine - Language Preference Settings

Babelfish Machine Translator/(New-Coming)Translation Service
Check for more languages--Japanese and Chinese for example.

On-line multi-language dictionaries

Some multi-lingual legal wordings.

Greetings that help before asking for other information in many languages

There are language fonts available on the Internet. If you need them, enter "Font AND (language name) into a search engine and see what comes up. ex: Chinese has the "Big Five" and various other ways of showing fonts.

You will find "missing" sites in original languages, unless there is still some font problem.
Many international webpages have an English language choice.
If the script is not on your keyboard, highlight and copy the key word, then paste the keyword into the search engine box. Pray about the Holy Spirit to be comforter. Then hit the search key. May the Holy Spirit guide you.

Go and make a careful search for the child. - Persian
بادقت به دنبال آن کودک بگرديد