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GG's story and testimony re: missing people
Encouragement for Myself  and YOU, my spiritual sibling...
Encouragement for Myself and YOU, my spiritual sibling...

God bless you and yours!

Here is my testimony re: missing people

I am a fairly normal, some say 'eccentric', married woman. Sure to be from another planet, but a nice one! I live in a suburb, where we have the normal mix of pleasant and onerous neighbours.

1. My family...
My spouse is "missing" in faith activities. I am "missing" in some of his activities.
I have the situation where my grown children want normal privacy. 2 have moved far away. We pray they are well.
For many years I have had the situation where relatives travelled and were "missing" to me.
I have the situation that when I am in any place, I am "missing" in various ways to some of my family members and friends who are in another place.
I know that God sanctifies my family. (1 Co 7:14)
2. Who was or is "missing" around me over the years?
-Everybody, when I have to deal with being alone.
-Someone's long lost cousin--I found a "missing" person with Bibles and God-given talents. (See No. 5)
-Two Godchildren - I have prayed to God with others for these two who were taken to another country by their father, when mother was afraid they might not be returned. Only God and the father knows if they were in "danger" and what the result was of our prayers. We know they came back.
-East Germany refugees --As a child I visited Berlin just before the Wall was built and was told that about 1,000 refugees a day were coming to camps, leaving loved ones behind and things too.
-A murder victim - A child of one of my siblings found the body. The victim was a father and is now permanently unavailable! Pray for all the families, of the one found, of the finders and investigators, of the perpetrator(s) and anyone affected.
-A successful lawyer who was murdered--we knew Henry L. because we had admired a stranger's garden--He had nursed his parents until they died. He had loved peonies, unusual trees and hostas. He had written important legislation. Yet he was murdered in his own home. That was about 2 years after we got to know him and had invited him to our home. We think he either died because he advertised for someone to do garden work or advertised for homosexual favours. There was nothing much in the papers.
-A teenager looking for work -- About a mile from home, the body of a victim was discovered in 1999. In the press they are asking the public for information about a phoney job application page. A reward has been offered. No other news so far. Pray for the victim's family, friends, neighbours, the police, any witnesses, the investigators, the non-repetition of similar occurences, the perpetrator(s) souls, and the prevention of lies "working" for abductions.
-A teen aquaintance who died much too young because of drugs away from home. Please pray for the siblings, the blended family, school friends, teachers,... anyone else in similar circumstances. Thank God that there are no more tears and fears in heaven.
-The brother of an acquaintance has been missing in the Middle East for many years. Is thought to have been taken to prison.
-Two parents of 4 have passed away. We miss them.
-Relatives and friends over the years, because of strife, moving or "neglect" of communication or invitations.
3. I know that I sin and need forgiveness.
I know that I am a child of God and have intrinsic value that does not depend on anything I do or not do.
I know that God has a wonderful plan for me.
The Lord most High has to help me with this. I am grateful and want to paise "the God", who was missing to others and "missed" others in His Life, WITH you.

4. Language Gift Background:
I had read about Brother Andrew communicating in Agape.
I had read about Corrie ten Boom and her family members studying various Bibles (Greek...)at the family table and the ministering that resulted.

I knew that God has embedded everyday phrases into the all parts of the Bible, so that Jewish people could and did revive Hebrew in modern times.

I knew that Catholics and scholars communicated using Latin for hundreds of years, because the Bible wordings believers learnt were especially enlivened by God.

I know that a new Bible translation for a previously oral language, enlivens the people of that group. It is easier for them to be literate and more.

I knew that many people throughout history have learned with the read, to speak even, to learn a 2nd language to pass a test to be accepted at school...etc.
...much good in the world has resulted. A John Newbery Medal Book Carry On Mr. Bowditch is inspiring. It is interesting for anyone, parents and children who have reached the novel level. There is also a teacher's study guide.

God has put a love of languages in my heart. I am a teacher of language.
I had bought other language Bibles even though I do not know most of them.
I have given Bibles that teach God's heart in other languages away.
I have prayed for missing people of all kinds.
I do pray in tongues.
~HÚ kara te mani H╔! Pakara HAni! PaHAnikÚ. Paka HAni tÚ.~

5. I have found a "missing" person using the Bible.
(Yeah, right.)
Yeah, I have found one "missing" person aided by the Bible, writing in a language I do not know (Finnish).
(Yeah, right.)

Who was "missing" to whom?
How is that possible?

I met a man who did not speak any of the languages I speak and he sent postcards that were written in his language and in "odd" ways. Sometimes in "non-grammatical" or "not well educated" ways. But...he was intelligent and was looking for "his long lost cousin" where I live. I learned this after I looked in the phone book almost "in desperation", found a suitable number, and spelled the message out letter for letter to a speaker of this language.

I looked in the white pages again! Nothing for that name.
I wrote a letter in the man's language taking phrases from the Bible. That took a half day to write. Greetings came from the beginnings of the Letters of Paul. There were blessings and more. Some words came from other sources, like the front of his postcard.

I found out subsequently that the "missing" person had changed his name. Any new postcards I had to have translated again. People like the roommate of the woman who washed my hair at the salon. Again I looked in our phone books, spoke to phone operators in our greater area, and wrote other letters to the man "in his language".

After a couple of years, I found THE lead. One translator said after a few minutes, "I know him. He lives in S.....!" Arriving home, I phoned the operator again. "He doesn't live in S...., he lives in E....., and the number is .......". How could I have known!! E... is half an hour car ride from S... . I prepared for the call and spoke with him. Yes, he knew the man and was "the long lost cousin."

Excitedly I wrote a letter that included the international Greek word, "Eureka!"

We wrote for a while and lost touch. I pray for him and his family. Please join me in this prayer.

I had FUN finding this "missing" man. A silly little story?
I don't think so. But tell me what you think.
6. The result:
The future:
Don't know yet.

God will have to bring results, the fruit of the Holy Spirit, otherwise finding the "long lost cousin" will just remain a "cute" story that regales in places such as the dinner table and at times when my family or I want to impress.
I am obedient, following what God has written in my heart, by supporting this webpage. I would like to do small things with great love to make something beautiful for God.
It is a custom to assign a life verse in my culture at baptism - Part of Luke 10:20 is:
"Be happy that your names are written in heaven."
Yes, I claim that for my all my families, including my spiritual ones.
Freut euch lieber darŘber, da▀ eure Namen bei Gott aufgeschrieben sind. - German
I know that God is Love. God is Light.
that Jesus Christ is the Son of God
that THE Spirit is the Truth

God bless you, the reader, in your life's journey to give you peace of mind especially regarding any "missing" people in your life. May your own "calling" be crystal clear to you.

This is my testimony re: missing people. GG

Lord, Jesus, we ask you to abundantly multiply "your fruit". Amen.