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Fred Frontier English/Chinese Multilingual

Fred Frontier went to teach English in Taiwan and before starting his job he went missing in that country while hiking. (This page is being worked on - Jan-June 2005)

Friends have many webpages that can be found searching on the Internet. The main one maintained in Taiwan is the following:
Fred Frontier Webpage

Have you seen Fred Frontier? {Chinese/English POSTER}

Danish - (og) Har du set Fred Frontier?"
German - Hast Du Fred Frontier gesehen?
Polish - A Fred Frontier(a?) widziałeś? (check wording)
Vietnamese - M đ thấy Fred Frontier? (check wording)

What happened?
مَاذَا جَرَى؟ - Arabic (confirm wording)
事 情 怎 樣 。- Chinese
Wat is er gebeurd? - Dutch
Que s'est-il pass? - French
Che dunque accaduto?/Come sono andate le cose? - Italian
일이 어찌되었느냐 ? - Korean (confirm wording)
quid actum est (What happened?)- Latin
quod factum est (What was done?) - Latin
Cż się (tam) stało? - Polish
Que foi que aconteceu? - Portuguese
Что произошло? - Russian
Qu pas?/Qu ha pasado? - Spanish

Send any information regarding Fred to:
Bring my son Fred Frontier from afar, from the ends of the earth (Adapting from Isaiah 43:6)
Bringe meinen Sohne von ferne her--von der Welt Ende. - German
(Przywiedź moich synw z daleka i crki moje z krańcw ziemi. - Non-adapted Polish)

The main question that determines the kinds of searches made on his behalf is:
Is he still alive?
Chinese - 他 還 活 著 麼 .(check wording)
French - Est-il encore vivant?
German - Lebt er noch?
Italian - E' ancora vivo?
Polish - Czy żyje jeszcze?
Spanish - Todava est vivo?

Barbara K. says:

English - "He is alive." or "He is dead".
Chinese - "他 的 靈 魂 還 在 身 上 。" 或
" 死 了 。" (check wordings)
Dutch - "Hij leeft nog." of " Het is gestorven."
French - "Il vit. Il est encore en vie." ou "Il est mort."
Italian - " in vita." o "E' morto."
German - "Er lebt." oder "Er ist tot."
Polish - "On żyje." albo "Zmarło."
Portuguese - "Ele est vivo." ou "J faleceu."
Spanish - "Est vivo." o "Ya ha muerto."

Please join your prayer to ours:
"Lord, Jesus Christ, we put Fred, Fred's mother, Barbara K., Fred's friends and acquaintances, the people in authority, and the many webmasters who maintain public information before you. We ask that the truth will come out in a timely fashion. Lord, make burn the knowledge of Fred in any WITNESSES of his disappearance, so that they will be compelled to tell the truth immediately for a resolution for those saddened. Let the "stones" aka material things such as photos tell their story. Help us find peace in this turmoil."

The multilingual wordings are also in the Bible and can be found in many languages. Witnesses to Fred's disappearance may speak various languages including of course, Chinese. It is difficult to enter Chinese characters for English speakers. Some are entered, but they can not be read on every computer. So the missing references have to be found in a Chinese Bible and the wordings checked to use them successfully.

To the two basic answers to "Is he alive?" asked above...there are more questions for each of the two answers.
For: He is alive.
There are at least these 3 questions more. a) "Where is he?" b) Is Fred a slave? c) Are you really my son Fred?

a) "Where is he?"
Spanish -Dnde est?
Ilokano -Sadino ti anyanna?
Tagalog - Saan siya naroon?
Italian - Dov' finito?/Dove habita? (Where does he live?)
German - Wo ist er?
Dutch - Waar bevindt hij zich?
French - O est-il?
Hungarian - s hol van ?
Polish - Gdzie on jest?
Icelandic - Hvar er hann?
Chinese - 他在哪裏?

b) Is Fred a slave?
French - Fred est-il donc un esclave?
German - Ist denn Fred ein Sklave?
Italian - Frederico forse uno schiavo?
Polish - Czy Fred jest niewolnikiem? (check wording)

c) Are you really my son Fred?
你 真 是 我 兒 子 FRED 麼? - Chinese
C'est toi qui es mon fils Fred? - French
Ty jesteś syn mj Fred? - Polish
Tu eşti deci fiul meu Fred? - Romanian
En serio eres mi hijo FRED? - Spanish
Ay con thật l FRED, con trai ta, phải chăng? - Vietnamese

I am
我 是 。- Chinese
C'est moi. - French
Ja jestem. - Polish
Eu snt. - Romanian
Claro que s. - Spanish
Phải, con đy. - Vietnamese

For: He is dead.
It's important to establish the correct identity.
Then there are at least the following 2 questions.

a) "Is 'Fred Frontier' dead?" b) "Where would the body be?"

a) Is the child dead? is changed to: Is 'Fred Frontier' dead?

French - Fred Frontier est mort?
German - Ist Fred Frontier tot?
Italian - Fred Frontier est morto?
Danish, Norwegian - Fred Frontier er dd?
Polish - Czy Fred Frontier(ie?) zmarło? (Check wording)
Somali - Fred Frontier, war yarkii ma dhintay?

b)Where would the body be?
Chinese -
Danish - Hvor blev da legemet?
Filipino - Hiligaynon - Indi na ina matawag nga lawas. (check wording)
French - O serait le corps?
German - Wo ist/bliebe der Leib?
Italian - Dove sarebbe il corpo?
Latin - ubi corpus
Polish - Gdzież byłoby ciało? (check wording)
Spanish - Qu sera del cuerpo?
Vietnamese - Th ci thn ở đu?

Let us continue to pray for a resolution to Fred's disappearance.
Let us be thankful that the remains of a missing Romeo and Juliet couple were found quite near their high school after 20 years of uncertainty in BC, Canada. Let's thank God for the answers given. Let there be inner peace in that situation. Also for the searchers who renewed the search after so many years. Please join us in the prayer and add your own.
Bible refs:
What happened? 1 Samuel 4:16; 2 Samuel 1:4
Is he still alive? 1 Kings 20:32
He is alive! Acts 20:10
or James 4:13 (today or tomorrow)
Matthew 10:37 (father or mother; son or daughter)
Where is he? Ex. 2:20; 2Sa 9:4; Job 20:7)
Genesis 27:24
Are you really my son Esau?...I am. Genesis 27:24
Is the child dead? 2 Samuel 12:19
He is dead 2 Samuel 12:19
Where would the body be? 1 Cor 12:19
Have you seen Abraham? John 8:57
Is Israel a slave? Jeremiah 2:14 adapt:
- Chinese 快 跑 的 不 能 逃 脫 . 有 力 的 不 能 用 力 、 剛 勇 的 也 不 能 自 救 。
- Vietnamese - Y-sơ-ra-n l đầy tớ, hay l ti mọi sanh trong nh? Vậy sao n đ bị ph cho sự cướp?